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  1. robotech_er

    writing a GLSL compiler form scratch?

    thanks,everyone. i think i should start form something more basic and easier.
  2. robotech_er

    writing a GLSL compiler form scratch?

    No, GL_ARB_vertex_shader and GL_ARB_fragment_shader is the first version of GLSL (v 1.00). The ASM extensions are GL_ARB_vertex_program and GL_ARB_fragment_program which can be found at http://www.opengl.org/registry/ http://www.opengl.or...tex_program.txt http://www.opengl.or...ent_program.txt and there are others from nVidia (GL_NV_blab bla) They aren't true ASM shaders. The compiler still transforms them to GPU instructions. The same can be said about D3D9 ASM shaders. There was a tool from ATI (back when they were a separate entity) called Ashley which would convert your GLSL code and show you real GPU instructions in text form. It could also handle D3D shaders.You could select the target GPU and see the small differences between the real asm codes. [/quote] if the two extensions are not true ASM shaders , what is the point to create them at the beginning? NVIDIA provides a PTX_ISA manual with their CUDA tool kit, and in CUDA can directly use inline PTX assembly language statements, is it possible to use these PTX assembly in GLSL,since GLSL and CUDA actually run on the same hardware? there are a lot of powerful instruments in PTX that GLSL doesn't have.........
  3. robotech_er

    writing a GLSL compiler form scratch?

    thanks, [color="#1c2837"]erik,i will follow your suggestions. [color="#1c2837"]btw, what is the " shared shader ASM format that was used in older shader models[color="#1C2837"]"? since it is referenced as older shader models, what is the situation of current shader model?
  4. robotech_er

    writing a GLSL compiler form scratch?

    thanks for your reply , v-man. do you know any article that depicts the inside works of shader compilers, not a detailed tutorial, but some basic workflow would be enough, such as, how to translate some GLSL statements into GPU specific instrument? or any website involve this?
  5. Building a shader compiler myself maybe too hard for a newbie, but i think understanding the [font=Arial,]inner workings of shader compilers would be beneficial.[/font] [font=Arial,] [/font] [font=Arial,]I have done some search work, but didn't get anything useful. could anyone give me some links about this problem? it would be perfect if some tutorials exist.[/font] [font=Arial,] [/font] [font=Arial,]thanks very much![/font]
  6. i just today find the interesting shader_image_load_store extension, which have been integrated into core profile in version 4.2, i have read the maybe a little verbose ext document but do not find any example about this powerful feature, where can i grab one? thanks in advance!
  7. robotech_er

    Best way to cull unnecessary polygons?

    i think CHC++ is the most elegant and practical academic algorithm so far, and it is most suitable for large sacle scenes(seems all the outdoor oc method aim for large scene). there is no perfect outdoor oc method, but this is the nearest one. pvs is cute, but intangible when cope with large scene, where it require tremendous space to store visibility data so as to sometimes you have to compress the data. i know cryengine takes oc, do you know what is it?
  8. robotech_er

    Best way to cull unnecessary polygons?

    compared to frustum culling and backface culling, occlusion culling is very difficult. AFAIK,the most effective oc method now is CHC++,but it is not easy to impletment, you can google it.
  9. robotech_er

    GS performance on fermi?

    I have not run any tests myself, but that kind of GS amplification is a fundamental problem for GPU's and I'm not aware of anything new in Fermi that would change that. [/quote] thank you MJP. it is said that gs maybe get deprecated in future because of performance issue, is this possible?
  10. robotech_er

    How to check edges in vertex shader?

    Maybe geometry shader is the only way.
  11. GS on G80 is very slow, and get much better on GT200(FX3800), how ever still can not get me fulfilled. How is the situation on Fermi card, which i did not buy one yet, such as GTX570/580? I want to output up to 64 vertices in GS, will this heavily jeopardize the performance on a fermi card? any tools can test gs performance? thanks you guys in anvance.
  12. robotech_er

    Terrain visualisation with a large map

    www.vterrain.org Surely all the lod tec can be implemented on cpu.
  13. How is the situation on Fermi? still very slow? I think Geometry shader is a very useful feature greatly enhancing the flexibility,which is very rare on current hardware.
  14. How is the situation on Fermi? still very slow?
  15. robotech_er

    Very large file compression?

    that is simply impossible.the core of comp is finding out replica and then kill them
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