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  1. Thanks Hodgman for the ideas. It seems i was looking for an too unrealistic 'optimal' performance pattern.
  2. Hodgman: In a culling situation usually 99% gets inactive and the rest active. The sorting sounds like a good idea at first but in reality i don't think there will be performance benefits if the gap between objects is larger then your CPUs cache line. As those are obvious problems i wonder why the are not answered in the battlefield slides or in other DOD papers.
  3. @Swx: Thanks for pointing on the grid approach but using a grid or not is not the point. At the end you get back an array of visible indices from the culling process. Now the real problem is how to linear update your visible elements (that together define the behaviour of a game object) based on that random access order you get back from culling. It seems like i really miss something obvious
  4. I can't think of a case where Input/Output could be the same. Beside feedback effects, we usually want to transfer data, not override the source. Anyway your reply doesn't fit my actual question, it just describes how to skip elements in a loop. My question was how this is handled/avoided in an DDO approach. Maybe this active/inactive concept of elements in game doesn't work at all with DDO. When reading the "Culling the battlefield slides" from DICE then they just PROCESS ALLWAYS ANYTHING in their DDO culling.
  5. After some reading on Data Oriented Design (DOD) i have a question i can't find an answer for: How to disable/cull elements in a Data Oriented flow? Let say you have a game populated with some thousand 'objects'. Their data is put into linear arrays to allow to update them all at once, nicely decoupled from calls or callbacks. Now you need to cull your 'objects' to the view frustum and most of them are not visible and should not anymore be processed. How is this achieved using DOD (witout using an ugly 'Active Flag' which would make the whole DDO approach almost useles) ?
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