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  1. Any optimization you gain is not worth the effort. Assume (correctly) that each component (DLL) is built in release mode with the proper optimizations. This is all you really need, even the most demanding games approach things in this fashion.
  2. AAA

    Visual Studio 2010 Pro speed issues fixed?

    I use vs2010 at work (we've upgraded from 2008 a while back.) We have a large solution (100+ C++ projects, ~13,000 files) : Loading the solution in 2010 is MUCH faster than 2008 Intellisense is a bit iffy with such a large solution, if you stay with the default settings. While in 2008 on some slower machines getting definitions might take a long time, and in some cases unusable. In 2010, intellisense is sometimes faster, more accurate usually. The one drawback is that in 2010 the intellisense gets reindexed too often, you can cancel when this happens, but can be a source of frustration when you ask for a definition only to see a dialog come up telling you it's working... with 300k+ header files left to process. With that in mind, the 2010 intellisense experience is far superior, and I'm sure is better on a smaller scale solution.The UI in 2010 is much more responsive than it was in 2008, from my experienceThe new C++ language enhancements they support in 2010 is niceBuild time is slightly faster in 2010. All in all I would highly recommend making the upgrade.
  3. You're doing integer math, which is why you're not seeing any decimals points. if you change 100 to 100.0 all the terms will be upgraded to doubles.
  4. Keeping the iterators is a dangerous idea, especially if you're removing more than 1 element (or really, in any situation.) You're probably better off creating a copy of your container minus the elements you want to remove.
  5. Yes it is possible in Java. You can read up on Java Reflection to see how you can do it.
  6. AAA

    Unable to delete?

    You're actually overrunning your buffer... VS should typically recognize this in debug mode. filename[filenameHeader->Length] = L'\0'; This goes beyond the length of the array, because you didn't make enough room for the NULL terminator. Try this instead: wchar_t *filename = new wchar_t[filenameHeader->Length+1];
  7. #1: GetAsyncKeyState() doesn't return a Virtual Key code: GetAsyncKeyState #2: msg.wParam isn't what you'd expect, it can mean different things depending on the message.
  8. Do you think people here would do your homework for you? Well maybe you'll find someone to help you out.
  9. There are many valid reasons to do this. Working on large projects, across many DLLs you can see some benefits (beyond just improvements in build times) There are things the linker won't remove for you automatically... like exported methods/classes and soon enough you find that there is a lot of unused code. I've once written a collection of batch files, that used little more than grep to "discover" header files that aren't used by cpp files (other than the corresponding cpp file) That gave a good indication of various classes that could be removed. It's not a fool proof way, and this sort of thing wouldn't catch everything. I heard PCLint might be able to tell you about unused functions... but I may be wrong there.
  10. AAA

    The "path" to programming games?

    YorkU? eewww But in all seriousness all these questions you ask are going to lead you nowhere. The only way to learn is by doing. The books will come later. Think of a simple game idea and just start writing it, there's plenty of reference material out there to help you out when you get stuck. Don't go overboard and keep things simple. Once you've finished this simple game make something slightly more complicated. Of all the self-taught programmers I've met, none have succeeded because they read any particular book. They all rolled up their sleeves and just programmed. You seem to already have some technical skills (YorkU ambitions aside ) So work with what you've got and develop your skills the good old fashioned tried and tested way. Remember, beginner books do not teach anything. You have to make the same mistake others have made to understand why things are done the way they're done. You'll just get a deeper meaning to everything you do. And then, when it comes time to get more insight on a very specific problem, that is when you should seek out books that specialize in that topic.
  11. AAA

    Fake 3D Perspective?

    Kind of off-topic... that tennis game was awesome. That game pretty much defined my childhood. Thanks for bringing back some nice memories
  12. AAA

    Which is faster?

    Without much detail given, I would say the bool option would typically be faster.
  13. AAA

    empty c++ project?

    You use TCHAR as a way to have your application compile in either unicode (UTF-16) or multibyte... it's just good practice.
  14. AAA

    empty c++ project?

    You need to #include <tchar.h>
  15. Yes You can look up Visual Studio Project Templates on google.
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