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  1. Finally copyed a block of pixels now just need to do that 10-20 times and move the orginal and copyed pixels up and down ,position them correctly , and wala pixelated water :D then going to figure out how to smooth it http://i.imgur.com/vEuD9.png
  2. Been working on The Fish Pond game finally onto the pixel animated cinematic introduction sequence then will work on the player whilst still working on silly platformer which is taking alot of code learning.
  3. Just finished the player movement mostly in my platformer game just gotta round out a few edges and glitches then I literally can work on the first level and this will get finished without worry or doubt what so ever . :) chocobo racer is on halt till I come up with a solution.
  5. no matter how hard life gets keep going you will understand why eventually ;)
  6. Finally for frick sake got OpenGL working now just need to fix the color format of the texture and make the Quad FullScreen and Rinse and Repeat ! :]
  7. Turns out pygame has the ability to smoothscale which means I'm going to do a complete rewrite of Chocobo Racer C++ your a pain in the ass to work with sometimes although I could have rewrite the game in old opengl in C++ but ah well python is much funnier to work with : )
  8. working on my official indie game company website -> http://i.imgur.com/IuID4.png
  9. Finally got Cairo mostly working in my game so now I have access to tons of graphical abilitys now from scaling to rotation you name it ! ;] http://www.cairographics.org/cairo-banner.png
  10. no more chocolate drinks or chocolate I think I put too much cadburys milk powder into that drink ohh I feel tired and weird...
  11. a good description is one that is very detailed :)
  12. Oh I finally figured out how to make use of glunprojects values gltranslate! :D
  13. Had to install Window XP SP2 to get any decent usage out of my netbook would have been great to use linux but Linux is just not suited for netbooks its more for Personal Computers which they need to fix Linux!
  14. Debian owns as an Linux OS actually much better then linux mint or ubuntu ! which is quite funny lol I'm using it now in a Virtual Machine pretty awesome I Must say :D
  15. Just did my colorkey effect in GLSL woot! the values mean alot in GLSL!
  16. The website has been updated alot but I still got alot of work to do before its finished! mainly center the webpage add actual buttons and have all buttons working to actual webpages with content on them.
  17. Gotta work on my GLSL Shaders today fun fun fun - ColorKeying
  18. I fixed the crash! woot now I can work on my ColorKey Shaders! :D
  19. woot got my asus eepc laptop on it now very good netbook the keyboard is'nt that bad either :)
  20. Glew errors perfect! what I wanted :(
  21. Finally fixed my texture problem think it was the texture format
  22. and once again more problems this is retarded I guess I will be forced to use OpenGL again I did get more done in OpenGL even with the annoying week long problems
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