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  1. Ever since I could actually start growing a real man beard in the last few years; I not only don't hate bourbon anymore, but its the only thing I actually like to drink now. Coincidence? You decide. ;p
  2. RIP Mike Wallace
  3. happy easter everyone
  4. Tell me why puppies find the most valuable things in your house to chew up?
  5. Well be right back with more chappelle show - Daniel Tosh. :p
  6. Droverstock was fun.
  7. Something websites need to stop doing is offering me an ad. And then providing a "no thanks" button to click on. Perhaps i dont want to show you gratitude for annoying me with some offer I will never click on. A "No, F**K OFF!" button is more accurate towards my feelings when Im trying to close your damn ad!
  8. Tornadoes coming our way. FML
  9. Mmmm. Life is short? How so if its the longest thing you will ever do?
  10. So just found out my demo was shown at GDC. But only at the booth because they were pressed for time. However they are sending me a PSN card for making it. :D
  11. You know that feeling you get when you kick somebody dramatic off of your friend list? Its pretty damn awesome.
  12. SyNAPSE, probably the greatest invention created by the human mind, to map out how the human mind works, so we can create a computer that operates like it has a human mind...... And it only has 20,000 views on youtube. Yet, the top 6 most watched videos are (3 billion views altogether) Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Waka Waka, a baby named charlie, Eminem and Lady Gaga.
  13. So i lost my voice and im left with a voice that sounds just like lead singer Brain Johnson from ACDC. Lawl.
  14. Is it weird that I spent all day yesterday programming while watching Law and Order, then spent all night dreaming I was programming Law and Order?
  15. What if you met a guy named John Doe. Would you be skeptical?
  16. Kony? What about China, North Korea, Nuclear Iran, Russia, Syria, ect?
  17. WTF! They didnt put my name on my sons birth certificate.
  18. Its snowing outside! :P
  19. The studio has 12 days to get a demo done for Magnate to show at Sony's PS Suite GDC show. Insane.
  20. RIP Whitney Houston.
  21. full metal jousting is going to be sick.
  22. Where is my sandpaper..... >:(
  23. Im sorry mike huckabee, but im pretty sure more than 25 % of our youth can name the first president.
  24. Why does Ceelo have Mr Bigglesworth at the Voice?
  25. That was a crazy drive by the patriots!
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