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  1. Someone knows, or have succeded trying to install Cell SDK and compile something for PS3 under windows? I have tried to put this called windows-hosted Cell SDK under Devc++ or Code::Blocks, but without success, anyone knows how to do it? http://sourceforge.n...cellwindowssdk/ Thanks
  2. reznov81

    C++ class method alias

    But from mathematical side they are the same thing, and have that both names, so is not a bad thing to remember that the two names means the same thing. Is a bad thing to train the mind to remember the less information possible, much more when is useful information i think.
  3. reznov81

    C++ class method alias

    I think that there are some cases where providing several ways of naming functions can be useful, different users thinks different, is like programming style. Come to my mind one example in vector class, Magnitude, Length and Module means the same, there are the same function, some people likes to call it Module, others Magnitude, and some would like to call it Module in one place, and Length in another for letting more clear what their code do for other people on team.
  4. reznov81

    C++ class method alias

    this would be asured to be inline if you put inline keyword ?
  5. I wonder if there is a way to have two different names for one function in a class, without copying the same function two times and change names, something like that: float DoSomething (float a, float b) { // code here } float DoIt (float a, float b) // Some kind of typedef or alias that makes a #define DoIt DoSomething but only inside class scope So an user of this class could use any of this names at preference. Thanks
  6. reznov81

    Making engine to work into jobs

    Thank you! Very useful information
  7. Recently i read a paper of id software about new id tech 5 engine in which they told that the PS3 Cell processor forced them to "re-factor the engine into jobs", I suppose that for make the most of parallelism. I wonder about how that design of an engine into jobs would be, in a general way so it would make the most also of current multicore PC processsors and make easier a possible portability to PS3. Anyone have links about this topic or some pseudocode ? Thanks
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