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  1. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Cool Artem Volchik Portfolio!

    Wow! What's with these Artem's and their amazing folios?? Here's one from an Artem I (sorta) know: http://abrizits.daportfolio.com/
  2. PhilipMichaelNorris

    The Misadventures of the Rusty Knight

    Hello all! A tiny team and I are busy developing an interactive e-book for the iPad 2 titled The Misadventures of the Rusty Knight. Our goal is to publish this project independently via Kickstarter and we ask that you help spread the word. http://www.kickstart...he-rusty-knight If you are interested, you can help by contributing to the project, which essentially means purchasing an e-book in advance (you will get something for your money, even as little as a $5 donation). Tell your friends about the Rusty Knight so that we can finish our e-book and bring this character to life. Thanks!
  3. PhilipMichaelNorris

    iOS Programmer Contractor Rates?

    Thanks for all of the feedback, it is much appreciated! Yann, I am going to kick off with Xcode and whatever tools are freely available to me through Apple's website. I have solid experience in tools like After Effects and Flash, so it is my hope that I can hit the ground running once I get set-up.
  4. PhilipMichaelNorris

    iOS Programmer Contractor Rates?

    I am starting an independent project to adapt one of my original stories to the iPad. So far I can do everything form art/animation to front-end design, but will require an iOS programmer to provide some extra muscle since it is an interactive e-book (chose your own adventure). Unfortunately I cannot say much about the project at this point beyond that it should fall somewhere between 30-50 pages. I am not recruiting yet as our funding has yet to be secured, but if/when I do I'd like to have an idea as to how much an iOS programmer would charge. So, How much (ballpark) would you (programmer) ask for to developing an interactive e-book app for the iPad 4?
  5. PhilipMichaelNorris

    What Would YOU Like To See In Today's Games?

    Hi all, another question for the devs out there... What would you like to see in games as far as mechanics, plot devices, art styles, etc. that either do not exist (to the best of your knowledge) or have been largely overlooked/overshadowed in the past? I was going to be selfish in this post and ask specifically for your thoughts regarding RPGs & FPS genres, but I figured the question would benefit if open to all ideas. Also, feel free to share any stereotypes and cliches, etc that you are sick of, and yet remain persistent in today's games.
  6. PhilipMichaelNorris

    My game Critical Mass is the Daily Deal on Steam today!

    WTG man!
  7. PhilipMichaelNorris

    How DO I Register A (Game) Company Name?

    Thanks everyone for your help in this. Apart from my needs, it is good to have this information available to others who want to know more about registering a game company name.
  8. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Where can I meet 3D artists?

    Offline, I might suggest your local IGDA chapter. I met some people at their meetings, though it varies from chapter to chapter. Apart from that I don't know unless you happen to be employed by a developer :/
  9. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Ethical Dilemma In Game Plot

    Blue blobs?? LOL. But also an interesting idea. Perhaps the character can use the aliens tech to take over other creatures on board, or control other avatars remotely.
  10. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Post your website, get candy

    www.michaelspiral.com But seriously, I want actual candy
  11. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Where can I meet 3D artists?

    Try polycount. You'll find many artists very quickly http://www.polycount.com/forum/
  12. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Ethical Dilemma In Game Plot

    You make some good points, Luckless, but I would argue against my making this into a racial issue. I simply wanted others' opinions on the subject; namely if people here personally care or not, and more importantly how the market would react if such a game were released. In the US especially such parallels get blown way out of proportion.
  13. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Ethical Dilemma In Game Plot

    All action games have conflict revolving around the player/main character to some degree. I suppose whatever said conflict is could be interpreted as grounds for stereotyping or racism. But if that were the case, then in which (action) game could you use a black main character?
  14. PhilipMichaelNorris

    Ethical Dilemma In Game Plot

    [font="Arial"]In another post I discussed the pros/cons of tactical vs hack & slash RPGs in hopes of narrowing down the path that I as a designer would like to explore. Now that I have made some headway regarding play style I wanted to delve into another aspect; one involving the main character and his potentially controversial situation.[/font] [font="Arial"]I won’t delve into my concept too much here, but what I can say is that it borrows elements from the works of Lovecraft (antagonists) and Robert E Howard (Protagonist). Both authors referenced each other’s mythos in their works and I like the idea of a Conan-esque barbarian getting thrown headlong into a nightmarish world –or worlds that he can’t quite wrap his head around…[/font] [font="Arial"]Main (Player) Character & Disposition[/font] [font="Arial"]The main character here is the aforementioned barbarian prince. He is bald, tall, exceedingly well-built, and more importantly black of skin. I first imagined him bronzed not unlike Conan, but came to the realization that there are seldom main characters in games who are black. In fact, I cannot recall any. Long before I even considered the character’s race the plot was established and well underway. The barbarian and his people are captured and enslaved by a space-faring, illithid-like species. Throughout the game the protagonist is put through a physical, mental and emotional hell before the big finale.[/font] [font="Arial"]Ethical Dilemma-Questions [/font] [font="Arial"]What ramifications can I expect from a plot that revolves around a tribe of black-skinned barbarians who are enslaved by malevolent, genocidal aliens (also black, FYI)? [/font][font="Arial"]What elements could I use to justify my story's direction? [/font][font="Arial"]Would it be easier to make yet another white hero?[/font]
  15. PhilipMichaelNorris

    How DO I Register A (Game) Company Name?

    1. If you're in the USA, check with your local city's business department. And go to your local SBA office, they're full of great free answers. http://sba.gov 2. Disney withdrew their application when they saw they were getting bad press from the attempt [/quote] Thanks for the link again! I finally came upon the forms for my state here: http://www.sos.ca.gov/business/be/name-availability.htm Looks simple enough and it allows you to list up to three choices (backups) of name.
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