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  1. Thing Thing 3D: Collectors Edition

    Yes, but what do you think about the main character not being customizable until he escapes syscorp?
  2. So, I've started a project a few months back. It's going slow, but we're still working on it. If you want some more details, visit these two links: Now, I want to ask fans of the Thing Thing series a question: My partner and I are considering cutting character customization for the first part of the game (when the main character escapes from his holding cell). We think that it's terribly unlikely that a genetic experiment would start off in a facility with a purple mohawk and designer boots. What do fans of Thing Thing think? Also, if you like where this project is headed, consider telling your friends about it. My game partner is currently working on a trailer for the game and will show up soon in both of the above links. If you want more info about the game, check out the links. If you want to whine and flame that this game was already made and why am I making it, again, check out the links. And if you're confused about what I'm talking about, google Thing Thing 4 and watch the opening cinematic. When you see a doctor picking up pills and a guy sitting on a bed in a padded cell, that's the area I'm talking about. Right up until he fights poseidon (also in Thing Thing 4 recap cutscene). Thanks much ^^ -Skeleton Piper Games
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is an add on or extension of UDK someone has made, or if it's even possible to make, that allows the engine to handle fully destructible environments on a Red Faction Guerrilla level. It's essential to my game and UDK is the only engine I don't have to spend big bucks on. Am I that lucky or do I need to give up some cash for smash?