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  1. Hello, I'm doing for fun a little game with a 2d top view, where player have to overtake other cars on a highway (those other cars moves slower than the player). I'm wondering how to handle cars emitting. As far as I know the simplest way to do this is to choose pseudorandomly number of lane and position (how far from the player). But after testing, it appears, that this approach doesn't work - sometimes some lanes are empty, and sometimes all lanes are blocked by cars and player must crash and generaly everything looks quite messy. While problem with cars blocking all the lines can be easily solved - by making cars at different lanes driving with a different speed, I wonder how to make this work nice and smooth. I've read about Perlin Noise, and I think, that this noise could solve this problem, but maybe someone has a better solution? I hope this post is not too confusingly written. Thanks for any help!
  2. What you must understand is this basic set of points. The research you do (while possibly educational and informative to yourself) is highly unlikely to cover all relevant legal areas associated with your post. The advice you receive through this forum (while possibly educational and informative to yourself) is highly unlikely to cover all legal areas associated with your post. The advice you receive from (an appropriately skilled) lawyer is highly likely to cover to cover all legal areas associated with your post. Of all three avenues mentioned above, the only one that really does enable you a legal fallback in the event of bad advice given is that given by a lawyer. [/quote] Yes, now I understand that visiting a lawyer is the best way to make sure that selling this particular game is legal. Anyway, all posts were "educational and informative to myself", so thank you all for responses!
  3. I did some additional research and it appears that there are several games of this type at android market (both: free and not free) and even a PS3 game, so I think that patents are not a problem.
  4. No, it is not a 1:1 clone, but some elements are similar - like planes are sorted by color ( plane with a purple color must land on a purlple runway etc. ), planes became red if they are about to collide and things like that. As i think, it is hard to make a very different game with this kind of a gameplay.
  5. Hi! Recently, just for a training I made a html5 air traffic control game ( there is an airport, there are some planes, you click on them and draw a path to the runway). All code, graphics and levels are made by myself, but I'm wondering if I could sell this game, because gameplay is based on popular games of this type. From what I found on the internet I could sell it, but I would like to ask you what do you think. Thank you for any advice. PS I'm from the European Union.
  6. Hi! I'm doing little 2d tile-based game with trains. I want to have map with train tracks and player would have to steer trains in branchings, or have ability to stop them on some of the tracks to avoid crashes of those trains. I wonder how to handle programming part of this, while I have to draw multiple linked cars, determine position of each car depending to track, and handle tracks. Any ideas? I hope, I putted this topic in proper section. Thanks for any help!
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