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    DirectX SDK strange bug

    You've been rly nice and all but that's not gonna fly... I rly don't understand what I need to do since I started your project and nothing changed about mine... guess I need to take a little break I don't know C++ well enough and learning DirectX is long enough of a shot , even if all was working well I study Computer Games Design so now I rly need to do more modelling , drawing , texturing , rigging , animating , some computer Games Porgamming in a more basic language such as C# and in 2D for a while if I want to put something nice together for real... I just rly wanted to set up a basic 3D Engine and learn what I need to do to import a Model in 3D space and also play premade animations of it... I just have to chill the fuck out It's just I rly do understand how it all works in theory - however I lack the practise to start programming in DirectX... I'm a maniac and I want to understand ALL about game making... and I WLL , but not until another year at the Uni I'm afraid... Maybe it's all for the better - If I was to continue with DirectX i might have just lost all my visual brain power Stil I'm kinda sad though... If you happen to find a noob-proof guide to setting up libraries in VS manually from scratch please post it
  2. Betastate

    DirectX SDK strange bug

    Ok I reinstalled VS 2010 and followed the steppes showed in your link. I linked the paths and set the linker as shown: [attachment=4254:VS2010Dirs.jpg] [attachment=4256:2010Linker.jpg] Note that the d3dx9.h was already set as an additional dependency , so I had to do nothing there Stil getting the same error... "error LNK1104: cannot open file 'd3dx9.h'". Please send me your VS project at betastate@abv.bg or tell me what I'm missing I tried linking both the x64 and x86 lib files with the same effect...
  3. Betastate

    DirectX SDK strange bug

    Okey , I tried adding both lib dirs at the same time: [attachment=4245:Exe1.jpg] [attachment=4246:Exe2.jpg] [attachment=4247:Include.jpg] [attachment=4248:Library.jpg] I don't understand why the directories are linked with their exact path on top and a $(Directory) path at the bottom , but I guess that's how you do it I tried different configurations , including this , excluding that but it always gives me exactly the same error. Whenever I reinstall the SDK it does configure them in that manner , except I added a seperate path to the lib/x64. Stil no result... I am quite a noob so I put pictures of the exact configurations above in case I messed something up ^^. I am also fairly new to C++ , but even if I am to look for other tutorials for C# I am sure that I will need the SDK configured Also if you think that it may help I can install VS2010 again and try configuring it there , though I don't see a major difference... but then again what do I know Edit: I added the x64 directories in the Executable section as well , stil no result...
  4. Betastate

    DirectX SDK strange bug

    Same old error... Gonna get down to learning some simpler C++ until someone helps me out... It does appear to automaticly get configured , why can't it open the file?!?!?!?
  5. Betastate

    DirectX SDK strange bug

    I found this website that tells you how to set it up , indeed for Win32. I did everything and it still doesen't help. I moved everything to the bottom as stated there and set the right links everywhere. The error remains... I tried including everything everywhere but that always gave me a "corrupt file" error which makes sense but... dunno , stil fails to load the library P.S. Nothing on this PC is licenced , so that might be a problem I am fairly new to programming and I don't want to pay for something I'm gonna end up not using , nor do I want to try something out without having a full access of all functions. So... "agrr matey!!" , anyway I downloaded the SDK from the Microsoft website and it didn't say anything about my Visual Studio or Windows not being genuine (I don't even know if my windows is genuine as it comes with my laptop , It does automaticly update , but knowing the practices of computer companies in my country it might be a pirated copy...) . As I study Computer Games Design I am entitled to a free Windows 7 and a student version of Visual Studio , I just can't be asked to go get as I know very well how to find what I need on the internet
  6. Betastate

    DirectX SDK strange bug

    I have indeed included it properly as the other one , this is the code : [attachment=4168:Library Error.jpg] And these are the folders that are included: [attachment=4169:Library Error2.png] I installed Visual Studio 2010 , which made even the d3d9.h file impossible to find in VS2008 for some reason. I uninstalled it , and this is the error I'm getting now. I did not reinstall the SDK after I removed VS2010 , but everything is stil working nice with the d3d9.h . Do I need to do some stuff to link my SDK properly or what? I've read somewhere that d3d9.h is included with VS2008 , so maybe I stil need to do something more? Please help! Thank you
  7. Hi , I'm quite new to C++ , but I decided to start ZophusX's DirectX tutorials >> http://zophusx.byethost11.com/main.php . I am more or less following , but I am now stuck at tutorial 8 where the "d3dx9.h" is introduced. For some reason it yelds a "fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "d3dx9.h". I have installed the latest DirectX SDK from the Microsoft website (June 2010) , and I believe it is properly configured for my Visual Studio 2008. It does read the "d3d9.h" file and everything complies ok , just for some reason fails to open the other library. Please help me resolve this as I was just becoming quite exited about drawing objects in actual 3d space when I failed to run the code
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