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    A New DSL for Games

    I'm currently reading it it is college course material.
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    A New DSL for Games

    The difference between a library and a language is great. if you had no experience what so ever to programming, and I gave you a language / IDE that you can learn in one week, to produce excellent 2D games (as an example), it handles all the complex stuff !If I told you I will make a C++ library to handle these things, and you have to call it alone, you will spend months getting good in c++ before actually learning the features of my library.This is not about creating stunning 3D scenes and shader effects. It is about providing the normal person a wan to make games without having experience in advanced languages. if we take DarkBasic for example (although this is not the best example), of coarse most game companies will prefer working with Direct X or Unreal Script to produce their games, but a team of two or three students will prefer DarkBasic ALOT to make a casual game during a summer vacation.
  3. Hello. I've posted here a few weeks ago about an idea i was hammering. I've refined it and removed some unnecessary features as it wasn't really needed. I'm a last year computer science student and this idea is for my graduation project. It is about a new programming language for games. It will be written in C++. This new language is a DSL. this means that it will contain features specific to games only. Screen, Texture, Sound, and Model will be data types just like int, float, and double in other languages. The main focus will be on two things: 1- Easy to learn: I intend to have a learning curve of maximum one week. It will be very easy for starting programmers to develop good games with it. 2- Fast: this language will not be translated to executable files, but will be translated into C++ using OpenGL library for drawing, and then calling MingW compiler to build the executable. I know many people were dreaming about this idea. But all the existing languages didn't really focus on easy to learn rather that fast. I want to create THE BEGINNERS LANGUAGE for games. I've tested many aspects and an initial design and was ready to start this project. but an experienced friend of mine asked me this one question: Him: Did you hear of a big Gaming Software company making a language just like yours? Me: none that I heard of.. Him: Why? Me: I don't know. how can I find out? Him: post on online forums and ask more experienced programmers.[/QUOTE] And here I'm. Really need your comments.
  4. I will look into it. thanks. A good advice Thanks
  5. thanks for taking time to write this detailed reply Give up the notion that anyone will ever use it, period. Nobody will. This is not meant to be disparaging, but just a realistic fact of programming. I've been working on a very ambitious programming language for years and nobody uses it except me. This is not to say that you shouldn't design it for other people's needs - just don't get your hopes up that anyone will care. If you can do this for your own enjoyment and education, so much the better; if you're only in it because you want to change the world, you're in for a very disappointing experience.[/quote] I'm looking at this from the learning angle. Something bright to put on my CV and to prove to myself that I didn't waste college years. I'm not heading for then next big-seller Scale your goals back as much as possible. The more you try to make your language do, the more difficult it will be to design and implement. Start with something simple - especially if you are not already a world-class expert on language design and implementation. For instance, just making a language for state machines/AI scripting/etc. would be a challenge in and of itself, so why not start there? It's always easier to add more things to your project once you get a few features done, than it is to scale back when you realize you've bitten off far more than you can chew.[/quote] This is a point well taken. and will be discussed in detail with the team. Remember that you have to finish this for a graduation project. It does not behoove you to think big. You should focus on making something small, cool, and very well polished. A large scale, ambitious project will not help you graduate if you utterly fail to accomplish anything with it. [/quote] Regarding the college part. I'm not proud of the next statement but here we go: the GP for any graduate isn't done for the college. it is done for himself. the college can pass ANY project. and i mean ANY. small MYSQL examples can pass . So even if i didn't finish it in 9 months. i can still work on it after graduation. this is a very ambitious project You cannot achieve cross-platform support using abstraction and expect games to use it universally. This is the painful but vital lesson of Java, and to a lesser extent of the .Net ecosystem. At some point, games have to touch the hardware more or less directly, or as directly as possible. This is true on PCs but even moreso on consoles. If your tool gets in the way of working with low-level details, nobody will want it. Maybe it'll be nice for people who just want to crank out a game as fast as they can, but you're going to be competing with major players like XNA at that point, and I guarantee that an army of specialists can write a better game framework than you can. (Nothing personal!) [/quote] someone from college suggested that I make it for only 2D games to make sure it will be finished correctly. with leaving the door open for extending. And for the low-level details. I can ensure that most of the options are available through ready commands and implement them myself on other platforms. waiting for your reply.
  6. If you may, please be more elaborate. Perhaps showing me why you thought it was pointless? On a perfect assumption, if done correctly. it will serve as THE GAME PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. one code to make for all platforms. the learning slope will be low, and it will produce results quickier. Why would you say other wise?
  7. Hello GameDev Community.. I'm currently pursuing Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and currently brainstorming some ideas for my Graduation Project. My interests include Compiler Theory and Game programming. I've been using XNA for years and some OpenGL. I've came up with an idea that I'm hammering right now for flaws and things I may not have considered. and some friend suggested that I should post into forums concerning with games. and Here I'm My idea is creating a new language for games, making game development easier. It will be object oriented and supporting many high-level gaming features like: auto-implementing state machines an enhanced pipeline for loading resources (sounds, models, textures, ....) defining auto templates for screens, memory management, and other things. Another thing is that I'm fascinated with the drag and drop code snippets from x-code and unity IDE. I'm hoping that I can make my language as easy to write as that ! The idea that it will not be compiled into machine code but to existing class library i will make in c++ and open-GL. then use a c++ compiler to produce a ready game. This will enable future enhancements to include another compiler to objective-c and java for mobiles, and maybe to java-script or action-script for web. The same code for all platforms I'm currently open to all new ideas. Can i hear your thoughts about other features or things to research in? Thanks.
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