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    Game art from the internet

    ...mmh, good questions. In general I don't expect much from "Help...[insert whatever topic]" threads, based upon experience from other forums. Therefore I didn't have a look into it I must admit. But I browsed through it a little now and there are really a lot of guys willing to help. I may give it a try, for now I found free tilesets from http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/ which will do the job. Thanks!
  2. OneOf6

    Game art from the internet

    Well, this was no statement, but a question. Therefore the question mark! Yaustar answered it.
  3. OneOf6

    Game art from the internet

    Alright, then thanks for your replies. I will freeze my project in the current phase until I found some free art. The risk might not be high of getting caught but the effect will be I bet!! So long, OneOf6
  4. OneOf6

    Game art from the internet

    OK, means, no matter if a game is for free or commercial, if protected art is used you will always be fined? ...then some funny games will never see the light! Cheers, OneOf6
  5. Hi Board, my current game project (2D) is almost done and I am in the polishing phase. I put together my sprites with free sprite creator tools, so I should be safe here. Anyway, I am lacking tilesets for my game. I downloaded one to get the tile-engine to work and being able to develop the collision detection and stuff. This tileset could be surely used in my game as it fits (not good, but it fits). However, I believe that this tileset is a rip of a pokemon game and even though you find them all over the internet and the guys who put them online say it is free to use, I am not quite sure if this is true. My question therefore is, can I use such tilesets in free and non-commercial games? Thanks in advance and cheers, OneOf6
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