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    Where to start

    Thanks for the links, I'll check them out shortly. I'm still in highschool (Will be a senior, school starts around sept. 4). Do you know of any good schools to go to for college? I was thinking about going to Tribeca Flashpoint Acadamy in Chicago. (Btw sorry for the wrong website..)
  2. AlexGobeli

    Where to start

    Thank you all for your input, it was very helpful!
  3. AlexGobeli

    Where to start

    Thank you for the link. Not really as a job, but some way to get my feet wet so I can learn, as well as gain experience so i can get a job later.
  4. AlexGobeli

    Where to start

    With UDK I need to create meshes to add into my world, thats why I have Mudbox. But as far as actualy creating a game, what would the best path on doing this?
  5. AlexGobeli

    Where to start

    Hello, i have never used this forum or website before, and i haven't found any topics about this, but i need help on how to enter the door way of game development. I am 18 if it helps. What is the best way to get into the game development field? I know BASIC (i read 90% of a book on basic C++) C++ programming. I like more of the artistic side tho. I have UDK, Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk Maya, and Autodesk 3ds max. I also have Google Sketchup (and am pretty good at it...if i may say so myself). I have only made 2 sculptures in Mudbox, both are busts (just trying to learn how to use it right now). I could attach those if needed. Would it be best for me to try to create a small game myself? or try to assemble a dev. team to make one? I just have no clue. If any other information is needed to help answer my question, please ask! thanks!!
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