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    How to take map image for mini-map

    The minimap will be dynamic--dynamic in the sense that for every movement on the map, the minimap will update to display that movement. I've never heard of an "ortho camera" before, so I guess I have some research to do. But, now that I think about it, the notion of manually drawing the building/unit onto the minimap I think may not be needed. Because the RTS is rather computer-friendly (it's a 2D isometric, tile-based game), I think I might be able to get away with a picture-in-picture (PIP) type of minimap, although I would have no idea how to implement this. The general idea behind it would be that the game would contain two cameras, one camera for the main picture in standard resolution, and another camera positioned on the map in such a way that it views the whole thing; that camera would be lowered in resolution and placed in the HUD.
  2. mccalljohn90

    How to take map image for mini-map

    Nothing stated here is what I didn't know. How about at least some pseudocode?
  3. I'm creating a mini-map for my tile-based RTS, and I need to create a mini-map. To do this, to my knowledge, I need to take an image of the entire map from afar, and reduce the image's size (while remaining efficient in the process, because the minimap will update often). So how can I do this?
  4. mccalljohn90

    [XNA 4.0] Newbie needs help with textured cube

    Yes, I've tried commenting out the line, but the same error occurs with a very similar line of cone in a BasicShapes render method: effect.Parameters["xTexture"].SetValue(topTexture);
  5. I'm quite new to XNA and I've been experimenting with cubes. But I can't get this code to work. This is from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4674804/drawing-a-textured-cube-with-multiple-sides-in-xna-4-0 The Error I get is on the line: cubeEffect.CurrentTechnique = cubeEffect.Techniques["Textured"]; I get the message: "This method does not accept null for this parameter." My basic variables: public Texture2D cubeTexture; float aspectRatio = 0.0f; public BasicEffect cubeEffect; This is in my LoadContent method: cubeTexture = Content.Load<Texture2D>(@"Textures\text1"); aspectRatio = GraphicsDevice.Viewport.AspectRatio; cubeEffect = new BasicEffect(GraphicsDevice); This is in my Draw method: cubeEffect.CurrentTechnique = cubeEffect.Techniques["Textured"]; foreach (EffectPass pass in cubeEffect.CurrentTechnique.Passes) { pass.Apply(); BasicShape s = new BasicShape(new Vector3(1, 1, 1), new Vector3(0, 0, 3)); s.SetTopTexture(cubeTexture); s.SetSideTexture(cubeTexture); s.SetBottomTexture(cubeTexture); s.RenderShape(GraphicsDevice, cubeEffect); } (The BasicShape code is the same as in the link to the post; it's lengthy, so I won't paste it here.)
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