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  1. fup

    Genetic Algorithm

    Quote:Original post by kirkd Another similar example would be PacMan - he has to eat the dots, avoid being eaten by a ghost, eat the power pellets, and eat ghosts when their blue. A rather complex set of actions. -Kirk :o)
  2. Woohoo! I win the battle of the books! :) Ian Millington's new book might raise the bar again though.
  3. tis okay. I have an alternative solution. If anyone is interested see:
  4. Anyone know how to get the Window’s Firewall “Block/Unblock” dialogue box to always appear in front of a DX app?
  5. fup

    Budget for AI?

    "In general, it is probably save to assume that most games have 2 dedicated AI programmers" Blimey Brian! Where do you work? Wonderland? :) (ach! Yes... <slaps forhead> you do) Many next gen titles have 2 or more dedicated AI guys. Most mobile phone games have zero dedicated AI guys. I guess they are the two ends of the spectrum. On average I would estimate that most games developed (across all platforms) have 1 or less dedicated AI programmer.
  6. With the exception of writing a plugin for maya my book "Programming Game AI by Example" will show you how to do all those things.
  7. fup

    AI planning

    Check out the planner Jeff Orkin designed for Monolith (used in FEAR and upcoming games)
  8. fup

    Better implementation for FSM

    check out the article at my website:
  9. fup

    Encoding ANN weights for GA's

    check out the "Neural Networks in Plain English" tutorial on my website. It demonstrates the use of a GA to evolve the network weights.
  10. fup

    Help with AI

    Try the state driven agent article at my website. That'll ease you in nicely If you enjoy that, you might like to consider buying my book... it'll show you how to do all the stuff found in the binaries here:
  11. fup

    Other AI resources..

    There is a forum at my website. The one at ai-depot used to be fairly active but I haven't looked recently. Same goes for
  12. Your agents can use the wall avoidance steering behavior to avoid collisions with walls... If you download the binaries that accompany my book and run the demos (Raven & steering behaviors) you'll see what I mean.
  13. Quote:Original post by Timkin Quote:Original post by Sneftel Why bother with the complexity, overhead, training, untweakability, and inefficiency of an ANN? This is well-trodden ground for control systems. I agree absolutely... but the problem around here Sneftel is that people typically pick up a hammer and then start trying to make all their problems look like nails! hehe, yeah! They do have a habit of doing that. There is one thing to point out though: If you just want to learn about ANNs then it helps to get some practical experience trying to solve *any* kind of problem; especially if it's fun.
  14. fup

    FSM Diagram?

    Windows Paint... all you need are circles/boxes and lines! Any UML tool will have pretty state machine templates
  15. fup

    Where's the AI FAQ?

    I started to do one, then realized it was turning out to be a huge FAQ. So I turned it into a book instead :)
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