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    Requesting a resume critique

    To me "Seeking an entry level position or internship as a software engineer or game designer." means that you still did not decide what you'd like to be. If I was a hiring manager that would not look positive to me.
  2. NoNameCoder

    Post phone interview

    Tell me this: Do people like broccoli? So all hope is not lost yet.[/quote] You should continue the job search as though they were not going to hire you. When I have a job interview, I keep on moving. If they call me back, great. If they don't, I'm finding other fish. [/quote] I see your point
  3. NoNameCoder

    Post phone interview

    So all hope is not lost yet. Thanks for the answers guys.
  4. NoNameCoder

    Post phone interview

    1. This is the right place. 2. No. Give them 10 calendar days. If you don't hear from them by the end of July 22, you can try a follow-up query on Monday the 25th, if you want (and if you can). 3. You aren't really asking if any of the people you were on the phone with are here on this forum reading your post, are you? Or are you talking about "the hiring process" in general (not your phone interview)? 4. Read FAQ 50. 5. Yes. 6. That's not good. 7. You're right. [/quote] Thanks a lot for your answers, Tom and thanks for the categorization I should have been more clear with my questions. Yes I'd like to hear about the hiring process from the people who are actually doing the hiring. For example, do they decide if they like someone based on solely that person's interview or they wait for other candidates to finish the interview process. I know the opening for this company is there for quite a while. I don't think they have a set deadline to finish the interview process.
  5. NoNameCoder

    Post phone interview

    Hello, I've actually already broken into the industry however I could not find a suitable forum for this post. Recently, I've passed a programming test with a major game studio and had a phone interview with them on Tuesday. I thought I did really well and they told me that they'll let me know about the outcome as soon as possible. I still did not hear back from them. Since this is a company I'd love to work at I am quite excited about it. My thinking is that if they really liked me, they could have called me back already. My question is, did any of you take place in the hiring process? Is it possible that they are already interviewing other candidates and try to choose the best out of them. Do I still have a chance at this? I am not local and they need to fly me there. I guess there is nothing I can do but wait. Also please share your similar experiences if possible. Thanks for your responses.
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