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  1. It depends on exactly what you want to do but your best bet is probably the second one.
  2. Ecofina

    How not to update your site?

    The old site? Some where between Eww? and Wtf? flash websites are bad mkay? [/quote] Well, I mean, Homestar Runner is a flash website, but that doesn't make it bad, does it? Loads of people visit that site everyday, after all.
  3. Ecofina

    Any tips about where to begin java 2d?

    Java3D can be used for 2D games I think.
  4. Ecofina

    How not to update your site?

    I have to agree with the OP on this one simply because of the fact that most people who go to a Gundam site would like to see Gundams flying around on the screen, a really nice looking, immersive site. It takes longer to load, yes, but for the fans it is probably worth the wait. Then again, I don't like Gundam so I wouldn't know for sure.
  5. Ecofina

    Craigslist scammers (and others)

    The worst scams are personals scams.. Trust me.
  6. Ecofina

    Post pictures of YUO!

    I want to do you. [size="1"](image in my profile) [/quote] ...I'm flattered?
  7. Ecofina

    Post pictures of YUO!

    Here's a picture of me I took by my pool [attachment=4274:Mee.jpg]
  8. Ecofina

    Where can I meet 3D artists?

    Prolly the Help Wanted forum on the site gamedev.net.
  9. Ecofina

    Any way to create xbox 360 games using..

    Omfg, you wouldn't be starting from scratch learning C# it's similar to Java and if you know the concepts of programming you'll learn it in no time. You wouldn't have wasted a year learning Java by learning another language, you'd just know two.
  10. Ecofina

    What's the point of C++0x?

    Not entirely sure, but I believe that C++ altogether is obsolete. Sure, there are some successful games written in them, but usually that is because they became successful after they were written, and have lasted for, oh, five years or so. But the consumer market is moving away from C++ in favor of other languages, especially Java. Just look at Runescape and Minecraft. Classic examples of successful Java games, and they give Java a good name. Every newbie game maker wants to make a Minecraft clone by "learning Java" now, and while most of them will fail, some will succeed and give Java an even better name. C++03 is irrelevant today, as C++0x will be. Dead language.
  11. Ecofina

    Back to the forums.

    You know what I mean?
  12. Use a game engine instead, like GameMaker. C sucks anyway.
  13. Ecofina

    A better way to load many textures

    I know a programmer who had this problem once. He told me that after pondering it for a while, he realized that he could get around his problem by calling the textures dynamically rather than statically. This way, when the function StretchRect() links the data to the parser, there will be no overflow errors, and the program should execute correctly. If you are still having a problem after trying this, please post your code.
  14. This is a pretty decent game engine, not really good for 3D MMO's (still looking for one of those) but it might be good for beginners such as yourself. http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/windows
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