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    My blood angel space marine model!

    UPDATE NUMBER 2! Ok so the textures where looking a bit bland so i started fiddling with gimp and then i found bit mapping!!! Behold the awsome power of bitz of maps! I did nothing to this picture since the previous one except apply bit mapping and look at the beautiful outcome!
  2. KlokEule

    My blood angel space marine model!

    hi again! here is an updated pic of the space marine, i did his eyes a greenish color which i think looks really good on him! And i also completed the two chest pieces with the blood angel logo on it so the chest is done for now but i will probably go back and polish it up a lil when i finish the rest. I also fixed the shoulders and the black lining around them to make it more detailed. Tell me what you think of him so far!
  3. KlokEule

    Different mmo combat

    I just had a quick question, how come more mmo's dont use a combat system like ddo?
  4. I decided to make a space marine from the warhammer 40k universe with blender and zbrush, he isnt to high poly because i may use him in a xna game later but here is a picture of him! Also, does anyone have any tips on making the textures more detailed?
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