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  1. Topic name may be a bit weird but not sure what to put it.

    Okay, I want to ask about,

    Things to do before start programming, and what to write first when programming, and should I focus on one aspect or little for each.

    1. Do I need to make things like flowchart? document on level, gameplay, level, etc? etc...
    And sample of how to write them would be appreciate. (I read a lot from website but I still write gameplay quite aimlessly.)

    2. Once start programming, what I should write first?
    main menu interface? world? gameplay?

    3. And should I write that stuff until it is complete?
    Like, if I make main menu, should I finish all of them or just make Start Game and Exit Game?

    Thank you in advance, will check tomorrow.

    For 1, you will need a document of every single game concept there is. Eg Sound, Setting, Genre, Characters (NPC and Player), Premise, Synopsis, Player Motivation, Target Audience, Game Mechanics, Game Graphics and so on. This is in the GDD and the TDD.

    2. You need to start to write the base of your game. This includes basic world, Player (If have One)(Controls), Background, GUI, Stuff like that.

    3.That's your Choice. Have an Adventure of your life. You can build what ever you like in programming if you have the skills

  2. [quote name='MasterMas' timestamp='1311162169' post='4837899']
    You have read a book on C#, so go for your life mate. The only thing that is holding you back is you. Just release yourself and lived to the end. C# is also like java which can be use for web apps. Python will kinda help. A good place to use python is C++. It's good to start off with C# and build yourself. Once a programmer, always, programmer

    xd thanks. I have read the game developer guide in gamedev wiki TEACH YOURSELF ;). Im learning and when i finish that i'll make my own game :D.

    I Hope you do well. I will keep track of you, and see how you do. Enjoy the world of Programming.

  3. I don't know about Actionscript but you can do it with java and C#. 

    1. Make a game design doc. You will fail without it.

    2. Learn Java and C#

    Java - http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial
    C# - http://www.csharp-station.com/Tutorial.aspx

    Programs can find yourself.

    3. Build it

    4. Develop game servers

    5. Beta testing

    6. Release to public

    Easily wrote than done

  4. I am making a MMORPG right now. I'm only making a small that should support about 10,000 people on the system. This has so far taken me and a team of 20 other people to get ideas, docs, designs, engine, and so on more than a year and a half, this is only the basic also. So be prepared for what it includes to makes these. Please contact me in in need of more help.

  5. Hi Game Dev Community

    I want to ask the question what is a library. I have on numbers of sites now and still don't understand. All I have got out of it is there are different types of libraries example graphic and the libraries in that section example OpenGL is a graphic. The question is what are libraries, what to use them for,and what types and if you want to add in the library or libraries you us.

    I program in C++
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