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  1. youka

    IP - dropped

    Development on this engine stopped in favour of another.
  2. youka

    ADOL [ Hack n slash rpg ]

    no problem glad to help. just also be sure to let me know of how you'd like the layout and if you'd like any extra features (like blogging, forums, etc) included. i actually need to fix up my site for my current game too, it's just plain text and pics at the moment, lol
  3. youka

    ADOL [ Hack n slash rpg ]

    thats fine with me, i can do html, css and php with mysql too. just PM me the layout and features and i'll get working on it as soon as i can and you should check out the ys series, thei're LOADS of fun. most of them are in japanese but they have english patches too. then there's the english versions xseed games released for the psp too
  4. youka

    ADOL [ Hack n slash rpg ]

    Ys series ?? adol is just the abbreviation for the game. Also I want to let people know that I'm looking for a character artist / rigger / animator. Also a more advanced programmer, video editor, and possible website designer. [/quote] Ah never mind then. There's a series of games called Ys. (one of my most favourite series, actually) They're all hack 'n slash RPGs too and the main character in all of them’s name is Adol, lol. Guess that was just a coincidence then. You also mentioned wanting someone to help with a website. I'm quite busy with a few games of my own at the moment but I wouldn't mind helping you with that. If you can let me know of the details, I'll see what I can do. Also, good luck with the game, it looks great!
  5. youka

    ADOL [ Hack n slash rpg ]

    pretty awesome! nice graphics too. just a question "Adol" and "Hack and slash RPG", you a fan of the Ys series by any chance?
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