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  1. Thanks guys, useful information and I'm looking into those 3 suggestions for starters :)
  2. I'm rewriting my existing game, which is a Soccer management game. At the moment it's written in a very old version of BASIC, with the information parsed into text files which are then sent to/from the managers. I'm working on updating this to a web version, with a MYSQL database. I already have the website, have set up the database and I'm fairly adept with HTML and MYSQL and have started learning PHP. I know enough to get working on my game, but I'm not too happy with my tools.   At the moment I'm using Netbeans, which is good and just uploading the files to my server and testing them in the browser. It's all fine, but my biggest problem right now is that I need to design the webpages. I do know HTML but just putting everything into basic tables etc looks very dull and it takes forever to do anything that looks good, just by trial and error.   So, does anybody have any recommendations for something that I could design my webpages in, bearing in mind that they're mostly just for displaying the database information, e.g Tables of players (need to be interactive probably, so I'm looking at HTML5 and PHP), tables of finances, training schedules, transfer lists etc.   In my head, I'm thinking that I could design the tables, then lift the code out of the designer and add it to my files manually, though that's probably just wasting time, but I'm in no rush.   Sorry if this is a common question, but wondering if someone may have some ideas for my specific project.   I know Dreamweaver is often recommended, but I can't afford it. Also I really don't like VS from what I've seen of it. So something free and simple would be ideal, if there's anything out there.
  3. Farflame

    Searching for a suitable language

    Thanks for the input HPlus, much appreciated. My current Blitz server/client uses the Raknet library, and just sends/receives information in packets. If a web-page can send and receive in a similar fashion, the only really major job I'd have would be putting the webpages together.
  4. Farflame

    Searching for a suitable language

    Thanks HPlus, been running this game since 1986. It was originally programmed on a ZX Spectrum, that's how ancient it is! It was updated to an Atari ST in the 90's then to PC in 2000. It was a postal game, which became an email game and now really needs to become an internet game. It looks like HTML + JavaScript is the way forward, and I need to see if I can get them to communicate with my BB server or if I need to rewrite the server too. In terms of game structure, it's working fine. Initially I had it running in real-time, so users would be told when their next match is to be played and they'd log on to view the matches. They could also log on at any other time to alter training/squad selection/transfers etc. But I ran into some problems with that because if there was a crash of any kind and the server missed the kick-off time, it might miss stuff altogether. So I restructured it to make it more turn-based. It was all working fine, apart from an over-complicated UI and some design flaws in setting up new players, so the front-end really needs rewriting anyway. I'll take a look at JavaScript a bit more, I've skimmed over it anyway but wasn't really sure if it was right for me. If I can work out how to do all the communication stuff, I should be good to go
  5. Farflame

    Searching for a suitable language

    I should have mentioned that the server in Blitz Basic is probably still fine, since all it does it process and send/receive the information and I'm happy with the server. It's the front-end that I pretty much need to rewrite. I don't know anything about communicating with webpages and not sure how my BB server would send and receive it's information to/from a webpage. I would prefer to stick with Basic since I'm so familiar with it, which is why I looked into the RealBasic web edition, but I don't think it's up to the job.
  6. I currently a run a play-by-email game, which earns me a living, but really needs updating to a full internet game. It's a Soccer management game, in the style of Football Manager etc. A few years ago, I rewrote the game in Blitz Basic, as a server/client game and I was happy with the program, but made some fundamental flaws in the design which made it difficult to play, so it never got off the ground. The core of the game is fine though, so I'm looking to rewrite it, and keep the core code but make improvements to the UI, which was the problem before. The major change I'd like to make is that I want to make it a browser game. There are soccer management games around nowadays which run in browsers, so I know this is possible, but I'm not sure which languages they use. What I basically need is a language which will allow me to program a browser-based game, with networking and some graphics (the graphics don't need to be intensive though, mostly text with some icons/sprites here and there). I've looked into RealBasic, which I really like, but doesn't seem suitable for this due to the limited graphics. Also looked into Monkey - the new version of Blitz Basic, but it seems to have limited, or no, networking commands. I suspect I need to be looking at PHP or Java, but I'm not sure if these languages are suitable for this kind of thing. So, any suggestions please?
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