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    Detailed customization

    Their are two games I can think of, off the top of my head that give this level of customization: Spore and Darkspore. Their are more, but I can't really remember the names. Anyway, I feel like you need to describe the combat system in more detail (mainly the movement), because the concept art makes it look like Pokemon. Also is this 2D or 3D?
  2. alexw574

    extreme team based free running.

    You don't really need a good story for something like this, since the focus would be on the multiplayer, and you'd have to take people from the action if you made the plot too complicated. Still something in the vein of Battle Royale/ The Hunger Games would probably do fine; just you know, simpler. You didn't specify, but I'm picturing it as 2D. Stylistically, I'm seeing it as something like Canabalt, but with less monotone and pixelation. Bright colors and a futuristic style would do fine I think, and characters as silhouettes. That way you can give the impression of augmentation without really having to show it. I can't really see how ranged weapons wouldn't work with the "high speeds", but melee will? Unless melee is simplified to the point of tapping the mouse button so that you can smack someone standing next to you, in which case, different weapons are kinda unnecessary. How exactly would the wrecking ball work? I put "high speeds" in quotes, because free running has a lot to do with navigating obstacles (that would just be more interesting gameplay wise than running on flat roofs and jumping onto more flat roofs), and players would have to be able to control the character well enough to advance. Anyway, if someone can time a jump accurately, they can probably shoot someone accurately in that time too (or at least shoot someone while they're stuck in the air). Destructive Environments would be interesting, but also difficult to do, and what happens if someone makes it impossible for anyone behind them to continue because they wrecked a platform? I don't think you should focus on that.
  3. alexw574

    Having difficulties with resources....

    My reasoning for "low resources = danger" is more of a way to encourage the player to actually resupply areas, rather than any real world logic. Though, what you said would be workable if troops functioned as the only "resource" you needed to keep up, to prevent defection. The problem with that is that you would then need a reason to move the other resources around, instead of just throwing soldiers everywhere, and that would probably make it too complex.
  4. alexw574

    Having difficulties with resources....

    Well, something small like "Danger Levels" could work; where if the region runs too low on a certain resource, they become vulnerable to Axis/ Ally takeover. And every 10 minutes or whatever time under the threshold, there is a X% that the region switches sides (because they can't fend off the attackers or are starving). You would have to tweak this a bit, so that border regions would have a greater chance of defecting, but I don't think this would be too complicated a solution. It's not exactly the most realistic representation of the war either, but meh. You could also have the opposing side randomly pick out one of your areas to invade every half or hour so, and that will double or triple the amount of resources you need to prevent them from succeeding. That was assuming that by scope you meant the problems with implementing a dynamic system. If you meant player scope, you could just open up the map as they get more/ bigger ships.
  5. I understand what your trying to do, but it's difficult to actually see how this would work out without more context. I mean, even in the example you gave of bad balancing, with luck being much less effective than strength, that could just be a numbers problem. Every point in luck might just need some X% bonus in whatever it does to make 60 points of it equivalent to 60 points of strength. And with that in mind, the system you came up with could be just as unbalanced if the effect for every point invested doesn't balance out. And just because the stat system is balanced, doesn't mean the game is. I mean, it looks like your assigning arbitrary values to techniques based on what you perceive to be their worth. Unless all your abilities are just variations of ATK X 10 = Damage Dealt, balancing all the different abilities would be a lot more difficult and time consuming than making a balanced stat system. The circular system is pretty much the classic game of rock - paper - scissors, and if you want to, you don't need to redo your stat system to fit that. You could do it with classes instead.
  6. alexw574

    Having difficulties with resources....

    I think you pretty much figured it out for yourself. Dividing the countries by region sounds like a good idea, and you could make the areas as large or small as you want to control player movement; major cities like London could be their own resource pools though, since I imagine that they would need a lot more in term of resupply than the countryside. But, I guess it really depends on how many regions their would be in all that you had to resupply, and how long it would take for you to get everywhere. Also, it's personal taste, but I'm not really feeling the names for some of the resources; "general stores" and "supplies" are a little too vague. Something like "material" and "rations" don't really describe it perfectly either, but would be better in my opinion. Oh, and I'm kinda curious about how your handling the resource management outside of this. I mean, are their other ships resupplying these regions? Are you handling transportation for the whole country, or are you just a grizzled old tugboat captain trying to scratch out a living during the war? Can the regions resupply from other nearby areas (via rail or air), or just from your ships? Would the regions have their own specialty productions (like the countryside producing food supplies)? Would more populated areas use up food faster? Does moving troops around actually affect the war (like would it actually stop or allow regions to be taken over)?
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