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  1. I closed my eyes and saw my future standing before me. Handsome and gentile, charming and prosperous. I asked him what I could look forward to, what the future had in store for me. He looked down at me quaintly, avuncularly, and even perhaps a bit lovingly, put his weathered hands on my shoulders and ... Dropped dead.
  2. The Queens living arrangements are probably so luxurious as to be Sardanapalian.
  3. The house is 85 degrees.... O_O
  4. I don't believe in God, but I do believe in Love.
  5. Finally got all of my Christmas poems put on Facebook. Check out my Notes if you are interested... :P Note that they are super lame, especially the ones from 2007. Also note that I basically only do poetry once a year.. haha
  6. To the religious folk out there, have you decided what you are going to do with eternity? Honestly, take a long moment to think about this. Hell, take two moments. In fact, take the rest of your lifetime to contemplate this question, because you will have quite a long time to spend doing whatever it is you decide. Note how long eternity is: Longer than two life times Longer than ten life times Longer than one million life times Longer than the amount of years that the Earth has existed Long...
  7. Apparently I couldn't remember my own phone number... I am getting too old.
  8. Anyone know of any No-Cap internet services in Oakville? I am looking in to Distributel and Acanac right now.
  9. Check out the Gargoyle modelling competition I took part of. My entry is under GetaVe (the fat gargoyle) http://cghub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9436
  10. On the way to the Autoshow with my dad, Gord and Ray. Wahoo!
  11. Making, what I call, Amalgumbo! Yum!
  12. Quick timelapse of a T-Rex model done for funzies. http://youtu.be/VU-0RjBF2P8
  13. At Topiarys. Gorgeous restaraunt, food is not so great.
  14. Interview today with a studio in Toronto. Woo!
  15. My birthday is tomorrow! Help me celebrate it by supporting a worthy cause! ;) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/21365486/the-curse-of-kullvaria-a-pirate-twin-stick-shooter #ShamelessKickstarterPlug
  16. Rhapsody of Fire = the Italian Kamelot.. lol awesome
  17. A humble thanks to everyone that have reposted and talked about our wonderful Kickstarter campaign! Thank you so much! http://kck.st/yLJFlr
  18. If I was ever diagnosed with some incurable disease, I wouldn't be upset, I would be thankful that you didn't get it. :)
  19. What I am currently working on... Just for a forum challenge. It is supposed to be "Expressive Hands" http://www.mooviewgames.com/michael/hand_002.jpg
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