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  1. What book from this, Its my first time, so it should be a c# only or a c# XNA one, is there a C# + Unity one? 3 http://www.amazon.co...uct/1449394620/ http://www.amazon.co.../dp/1584505370/ https://www.packtpub...ners-guide/book Or other, a online one.
  2. MirageUY

    Game Engine

    Mmm.. do you know portuguese? I saw a pretty awesome, tutorial for unity 3d + multiplayer. But i think you can find one, unity is C# and has option to mutiplayer, and it has been improving it graphics, I think you should go with it.
  3. MirageUY

    [FAST] What book should i Buy

    I'm looking for one, that teaches me C# + XNA or Unity 3d. I dk which one. But it should teach me to program toO
  4. MirageUY

    The #'th game engine question.

    Well it think you are looking for powerful engine , you can use almost all , especially CryEngine and Unreal 3 (Tera,Aion , etc engines.Maybe i'm wrong but U3 is the Guild war 2 engine too). But you may want this one [color=#000000]Anvil Engine (the AC and PoP one) I don't know if you can make mmo with it, also it seems that u can't buy it, i can't find it :S Obviously u have to do everything, but the Anvil Engine is the one they used to make POP and AC.
  5. MirageUY

    Where do i start :(

    Hi,i'm 16 and i want to learn to program, i learnt a little c#, but i don't know what to do, where to start, what can i do to get more involved :S.
  6. MirageUY

    Where do i start :(

    I need to learn to Program object oriented like, then algebra (it means all the x,y stuff? like y = ax+ b and so on?) and then start trying to make things with it? .
  7. MirageUY

    Where do i start :(

    so i need to know C#(which is a object oriented programming language ) + algebra? And can someone answer my Pssuite question?
  8. MirageUY

    Where do i start :(

    First, Thank for all the replies. Then, anyone knows spanish? Cuz i'm from Uruguay and i'm learning from this tutorial [SPOILER]http://www.nachocaba...m/csharp/curso/[/SPOILER] I know - Console.WriteLine(). How to do some math ( + , - , * , / , %) how to imput text (ConvertTo + read line), if and else. There is all i know xD. Then i stopped. Do you recommend a tutorial or book to start learning the other stuff? Ok. and i have other question The playstation suite sdk can i use c# on it? And what can i do with it? programs and games? Playstation SDK looks very cheap only $99 as this [SPOILER]http://www.indiegame...-april-only-99/[/SPOILER] says. ---------------------------------- Also my aunt's boyfriend offered me to make web pages for him, something like i have to learn .net and database, but i dk what this is
  9. where can i get that kinda of jobs. You are really right. You are the problem solver I'm the creative
  10. I like coding xD, i'm just starting but i feel something when you run your programs , and when i code it i feel something good about it, even better than when i appear in videos of games(like dota) or when i do some imba move in a game and all the people call LUCK and you know that you are good and they are just jelous.
  11. Me and some friend are trying to make a game, we are learning how to code in c#. We are inspired in JRPGS like FFs and legend of mana, etc. If you player FFIV on the ds or legend of mana on psx, you see that is 2d or 2.5d right?. So we want a engine to make a game in 2d like those one. We don't know if we should use Unity -or - ShiVa -or- XNA - DELTA ENGINE or others but we just know these ones I want to make a jrpg like this http://www.youtube.c...h?v=PA7sXWeuwcg ----> the fights and like this and this http://www.youtube.c...feature=related the way you can roam the world and then a monster appears start the battle at 7:20 Which pick would be te best? XNA ??? And that kinda of games is 2d right?
  12. Thanks . I'm going to learn to use XNA. Thanks everybody and hope your games have a good future
  13. To pc i will put a gun to gabe newell's head and make him put it on steam XDDD So Unity 3D will be bether than XNA, for that 2d game?
  14. Ok, i added it to my list XD, another one to decide ¬¬ [size=2] [size=2]Ok, tnks still a good tool to make games XD, Magicka was made with it
  15. I'm looking for a free 2d engine that supports c#. NOT UNITY! xna is good? good = easy and powerful. I mean that is not super hard but i can do good stuff with it.
  16. Define 'good'? It's not objectively bad in any general sense. And we can't evaluate whether it will be good for you, unless we know your exact requirements. Better yet, google for reviews and opinions of XNA, and decide for yourself if it meets your particular criteria for 'good'. [/quote] there i add what is good for me I want one good 2d engine, just to start testing things
  17. MirageUY

    New to game development

    If you actually know that lot of languages you can go for C++ and then you got like 42 good engines, like CryEngine 3, Alegro library too. If you want to do 2d XNA is very good too, and is for c#.
  18. I decided to start been a programer , with C#, and i think i'll use delta engine http://deltaengine.net to make small 2d test. I don't know anything about programing, so i was thinking that gamedev people could help me Where should i start in what web,book or videos. I got a lot of time . And is delta engine good for 2d ? if not what one you use?
  19. Tnks the last link doesn't work , but the other 2 really helped me
  20. I'll get one head first c#, should i start with the online one then swap to the book?? Does anybody here made a 2D Game? What engine did you used?
  21. I don't know if i should learn C# OR C++ for making games and other software which is better, whit better i mean the most useful, like the c++ is used by almost all the games companies and the c# is easy for new developers which one should i learn? I'm in high school so i have lots of time.
  22. Hi i have a question, what is a sdk and what's the difference with the engines, and if the sdk is based on c# i can make games with it? or i need a engine in c#. because the vita sdk is on c#, and i know a little about c# i can learn more, my aunt is a programer and i want to make games and software so this will help me a lot. If something in my English is bad please correct me
  23. I want to start making games so in the future i will have some practice, I think i should start from a easy game in 2d and what engine should i use . I'm currently only using C#
  24. ok then a engine is like a sdk to make games, and the sdk is to make everything to that console/plataform.
  25. Then follow the recommendation on the FAQ page I linked, and learn C#. You can trivially move to C++ later if it turns out to suit your particular needs better, and in the meantime you will have a much easier time of it. Keep in mind that a good programmer knows dozens of languages, off the top of their head - which language you learn first is largely irrelevant, as as it is one that is relatively easy to learn. [/quote] thanks dude, i will first learn c#, then C++ i think it will be easier this way instead of c++ to c# . i know the other day i was talking to a programmer and she known like 4 languajes and i was like O.o i don't even know one XD [/quote] I'm up to 13 languages that i know reasonably well plus 5-6 that i've only used a few times for very specific projects, picking up a new language becomes trivial after a while and they keep adding up as you run into reasons to use something different. The only language i've used alot without really learning properly is C++ , (I'd fail horribly at any semi advanced quiz). [/quote] which was the first you picked? [/quote] BASIC(QBASIC), My first PC had a programming guide for it in its manual(That manual kicked ass compared to the stuff you get with computers today) After that i went to Pascal and x86 assembly followed by C++ and after that i moved to Java briefly (This was back when Java was new and far worse than it is today so i left it again fairly quickly and didn't touch it for a quite a few years). After that languages pretty much got added on an as needed basis, My first proper web project pushed me into learning PHP(and SQL) ASP(VBScript), ActionScript(Flash) and JavaScript came into my life in pretty much the same way, C, Standard ML and Prolog were taught in school, Small/Pawn got picked up when i was writing a server reservation system for half-life/amxmod, i came into contact with Lua through WoW, C# is something i'm playing around with right now as it is in high demand and a nice language to work with and i've also dabbled with Objective-C helping out on a iOS project. Then i've played around with a whole bunch of engine specific scripting languages aswell (My first probably being ZZT-OOP) Obviously the path i took is far from optimal these days as some of the languages in my list are pretty much dead, Early on i considered C and C++ to be the goal as that was what professionals used at the time but i fairly soon realised that it was mearly another step down a very long road. (I still use C++ alot but for a large portion of my projects other languages are required aswell). If i had to restrict myself to only using 4 languages today for my own projects C++ would not make it onto the list despite it being the language i use the most. (C#, Java, Objective-C and Javascript are essential to cover all major platforms today), if i pushed it to 5 languages i would throw in Actionscript before C++ to be able to exploit the flash portals. (I use C++ in order to share alot of backend code between the desktop and Android(and possibly iOS in the future) which is a huge advantage but it is not a necessity) [/quote] Ok now i decided i will learn c(i think this shit is taught in the school, does this language keep alive?) c# and then when i really undestarnd c++. Tnks dude you helped me a lot.
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