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  1. So why did I choose this again?
  2. Compilers are cool. Pity I only had limited exposure to them :(
  3. Finally equipment ready for hiking.
  4. What happens when you teach a practical session of a database class in a lab but r too pathetic to make the db server work? Ans: You change the practical session to a "write in your copybook session". It's still practical, for you ;) Tales from a land far far away ... from me :). Solid Gold!!!
  5. Program writing methodology for research: 1. Guess/Write a piece of code (it will be lousy and buggy: don't fight it) 2. Spend hours/days thinking why the hell it's not working! 3. Hypothesize until a plausible enough reason. 4. Think of decent enough bug fix (why not find a perfect one? R u kidding me???) 5. Implement that fix (and hope for the best) 6. Is it working? 7. Yes: Really, are u sure??? 8. No: Do in that order: 9. Fix the BUG Fix appling process from step 2 on the Fix...
  6. Plans for this summer are suddenly looking very good :)
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