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    Covered or Naked, That is a Question?

    wow, so many views, actually I like the hero with less clothing
  2. The funniest part, for me, the chars look much better fully clothed anyway. Like any warrior is going to go into battle in the armored bikini, Luciana says, one player from Dragon's Call. And another replies: theres nothing wrong with fighting in a bikini.. didnt Scottish men do it in a kilt?. Therefore, some players agree to this effort taken by EverDream Studio, while some hold the opposite view, thinking Never need this difference AT ALL[/quote] I like the warrior with bikini in the battle, which one do you prefer when playing games? For more information, please visit Dragon's Call Official Forum <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  3. I don't think this changes can attract more players, but gorgeous graphics, rich content and convenient game mode are real selling points. Check the list of clients games on the way to browser games, click here get more: http://www.bbgsite.c...vsbrowsergames/ MapleStory Adventures Gates of Andaron
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