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  1. Pure Java or LWJGL?

    LWJGL lets you use OpenGL so if u have not used that before it might be a slight learning curve. But on the other hand it helps you do alot of things like creating your screen/window and setting your fps. Javas own libraries should work fine but you will have to do stuff like the fps syncing for example yourself.   Personally i would pick going pure Java but thats my opinnion after trying LWJGL out by making a pong clone.
  2. Realy good read, Its funny to see the comments from the people that did pirate the game :)
  3. Who are your developer heros?

    After watching Indie the movie i found Tommy Refenes to be one of the persons i look up too,  And Jonathan Blow for the awesome Braid.
  4. Just Wanted to say Hello!

    Welcome! Good to have you here.
  5. J3D or JOGL API?

    Good luck!
  6. GameDev.net 2012

    The new design and everything is realy great good job! But i have one complaint.. The page is sometimes loading pretty slowly.
  7. Guidance requested!

    I would recomend making Tetris or Snake..
  8. Game for Linux and Windows OSs

    The language called Python runs on both Linux and Windows. But with the application called "Wine" for Linux you can also run C++ games or applications on Linux. Wine is an application for linux that lets you run Windows applications so you can install games through wine too. [url="http://www.winehq.org/"]http://www.winehq.org/[/url]
  9. J3D or JOGL API?

    I think J3D is totaly outdated.. The best choise in my oppinion is LWJGL since its most up to date.. This information is based of what i've read when i was using Java so be nice if the information isn't 100% correct
  10. Happy New Year

    Have a great 2012 GameDev!
  11. C++ as the nation's main language? Some state's that speaks other C languages and 1 state in the corner that speaks Java but mostly farmers live there.
  12. If you could make any game you wanted...

    I would create a side-scroller with some mix of 2D and 3D levels with alot of features like jetPack's and other power-ups.
  13. What to learn about C#?

    Im not worried about the learning part.. im aware that its similar to java i made java applications that uses databases for example so i do have some knowledge.. I just want to know what "extra things" there is for C# With this i mean for example .NET, what things does more exist for C# ? i also did learn some c++ way back so i do have some knowledge about namescpaces and such..
  14. What to learn about C#?

    Im actualy going to give up Java and go C# and i want to know alll the things i should know about the language.. like Asp.net i think is something about c# and .net what is the things besides the language i should know about? Thanks
  15. Game developement for android?

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