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  1. Simagery

    The damn devil is in the damn details

    It's a tough call: full 3D or hybrid 2D/3D or full 2D. I understand the decision you're grappling with, EDI, I'm tossing the same thing around in my head right now. Part of me is very tempted to do it pure 2D, but I like the idea of a 3D terrain and some other 3D effects (particle effects, lighting). These obviously have the advantage of being a bit easier for those without artists (like myself). Of course, given a talented 3D modeller, I'd go with pure 3D as it would dramatically increase the amount/quality of the animation (see Silent Storm for an excellent example of a pure 3D "isometric" engine). Considering that Photoshop is my only art tool (that I have any skill using), I'll be doing a hybrid approach. Characters will likely be 100% sprites/2D, with environments being 3D (buildings, terrain, walls).
  2. Simagery

    D3DX stops grey hair

    I assume you've considered this technique for packing lightmaps? Sounds to me like a better, more general solution that what you're doing. Basically a BSP tree for image data. It's my personal preference to handling "image soup." Maybe that's what you're already doing and I'm just not getting it from your examples?
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