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    Ps2 game programming

    Ok, I will go to make a simple game. I have a C++ compiler (wxDev-C++), a 3D graphics generator (Autodesk 3ds Max), a 2D graphics and textures generator (Adobe Photoshop), and a sound editor (Adobe Audition). I have two questions: These are all the tools that I need? and How can I use OpenGL to develop the game?. Thanks and greetings.
  2. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    You cannot start game programming and make a commercial quality 3d game in one week. [/quote] I don´t want to do a 3D game with professional quality in one week. I want to do it with a lot of time, I know games are not write two simply code lines and magically, I have an extraordinary and marvelous game. I want to work in this proyect everythig that it needs. Just what kind of magical pixie dust do you think the PS2 is made of anyhow? Your game will be as "elementary" as you make it, pretty much regardless of platform. Running your game on a PS2 doesn't make you any better of a programmer, or designer, or artist. In fact, programming for the PS2 is going to be much, much harder than on the PC or XNA, or iOS -- The PS2 has (IIRC): A single mips64 processors at about 300Mhz, with two similar but not identical vector units (essentially DSPs) bolted on.A fixed-function pixel pipeline (no shaders -- and transform and lighting are done on the vector units).32 MB of RAM (+ a few more bits of ram here and there).No official toolchain (PS2 linux is no longer supported) The PS2 is essentially a 10 or 12 -year-old PC. Now, there are a number of reasons that consoles don't show their age as much as PCs do, mainly around the side-benefits of having a fixed platform, but none of those reasons are to your benefit as a solo hobbyist. [/quote] I didn´t know the features of a PC in front of a PS2, and neither the PS2 hardware. I supose that make a "professional" PC game, only requires work and time. Then, I change my question: How can I make a more or less professional game for PC?, I repeat that I know C++. I want to do a third-person game, in which you can control the principal character. I want to be oriented to do it knowing C++, what software I need, etc.... I hope that with it, the topic can be clarified and bad "energyes" will be removed . Thanks for your answers. I wait answers to solve my new question.
  3. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    It is a PC game written in C++: I would like to have a professional game, not it.
  4. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    Okay I wont do it for PC because, I haven´t got a XBOX, I´m only a Sony and Nintendo user:). If I make a game for PC with C++, the result will be the same or similar to Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex?, I say it because I´ve seen some games developed for PC in C++ and the result is a little elementary.
  5. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    Ok, thanks, and then, is there some way to develop a Ps2 game knowing C and C++?, a Ps2 SDK for example, or something.
  6. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    Ok, but I believe it, not by graphics or power but for control. The PlayStaiton 2 controller is easyer to use. My objetive is make a Crash Bandicoot game, and I think is better play it in Ps2 than in a mobile phone or in the PC. And with regard to the Dreamcast, I haven´t got this console.
  7. ertesd

    Ps2 game programming

    My objetive is not distribute this game, although I´m breaking the law, this game is for personal use, because I haven´t got the license from Sony to develop for PlayStation 2. My idea for this game (if I can do it) will be a continuation of Crash Bandicoot Series, with its characters such as Crash, Coco, etc.... for that reason my purpose was not distribute this game of any way, is for personal use, as neither, I haven´t got the license from Activision to develop a new Crash Bandicoot game. I haven´t got the license from Sony and neither from Activision, but I want to do it, apart, if I do it for iOS, Android or even for PC, it won´t be very advanced, playable and quality.
  8. Hello everyone! I´m new in Gamedev and I´m trying to develop a PlayStation 2 game but I don´t know how. I know C and C++ language, but I don´t know how to continue. I want to do a more or less advanced game like Crash Bandicoot. Cortex Strikes Back, Warped or The Wrath Of Cortex; the Ratchet and Clank Series for PlayStation 2 or the Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly or A Hero´s Tail. I know that is difficult, but knowing C and C++ is less difficult. Thanks and I wait your answer. Note: Forgive me if I have a bad English because I´m Spanish.
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