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    CEGUI alternatives

    swiftcoder: Make yourself heard! It's open source, things can be changed if you care :-) MARS_999: It shouldn't be hard to get a clone with mercurial, there are instructions on the wiki. If you are on Windows, TortoiseHG makes it really easy to make a clone. HTH -- Kulik from the CEGUI team
  2. Yeah, it definitely does. People use it in production with DX11. You haven't provided any useful info what so ever, but I guess this could be caused by the DX11Effects.lib. Still, next time please include the exact verbatim error message for god's sake... http://www.cegui.org.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5245#p25181 You can of course try to write your own lib but IMO it's not worth it, make apps/games not libraries. If you really miss something in CEGUI make a patch, if it's decent we will integrate it.
  3. mpreisler

    To CEGUI or not to CEGUI

    Sadly no comparison AFAIK. Someone should do one ;-) And yeah, CEGUI is very old-school proven kind of GUI system. If cross platform support is not an issue for you, you might also look into Garshasp (on Ogre forum), they used Flash through ActiveX. While learning sure is great I generally STRONGLY prefer getting things done. Reinventing everything will get you nowhere. You could also write your own graphics library (because OGL and DX are not good enough!), write your own kernel, design your own CPU architecture, etc... I wasted too many years working on an OpenGL game engine before I realized using Ogre3D saves you so much headache. It's just what beginners do (I think), they want to write their own thing! More experienced programmers reuse where possible. Even if you stumble upon something in open source library XY that really bugs you, you can just create a patch and get it upstream or even fork it. It still is much less time consuming than rolling your own. Still, to each their own :-) Also, from what I've read in T e c h l o r d design material, we might be doing something remotely similar for CEGUI 0.9
  4. mpreisler

    To CEGUI or not to CEGUI

    CEGUI has changed a lot in these 5 years, styles/skins are done completely differently now (falagard skinning system - very powerful but desperately needs visual tool), as I pointed out above, we are working on tools - that is IMO the biggest downside to something like CEGUI, it isn't easy to prototype with and it isn't easy for artists to grasp, that should change quite soon :-) I will reiterate that I think the documentation is not perfect but is solid, dunno how it looked like 5 years back. Sure there are areas to improve and we welcome any effort to do so, our time isn't free/limitless... https://www.ohloh.net/p/CEGUI To each their own, I admit CEGUI isn't the greatest fit for very simple UIs. Most of the complexity fears come from the fact that CEGUI has a lot of dependencies. That is true but all of them are optional, it works in a lot of different environments and with a lot of packages but you don't have to use all of them. That's our biggest problem it seems, we have a lot of users, lots of projects but nobody seems to praise CEGUI, everybody just goes and hates it all over the internet. We aren't sure why this is happening to be honest but I understand that it can put someone off researching CEGUI, which is a shame IMO... Sure, the whole pipeline is complex but also powerful. It allows UI seen in Torchlight, World of Battles and other titles (http://www.cegui.org...cts_Using_CEGUI). Also, people claiming that it's complex are often ones who fear multiple DLLs, linking and compiling in general. You can't have a clean API without some verbosity.
  5. mpreisler

    To CEGUI or not to CEGUI

    Perhaps you could elaborate on your specific issues with it so we can improve these areas please? btw: As for libRocket, I think HTML is not the greatest choice for game UIs, it's a page-based format, not a screen format. You get all the cons of Flash/Scaleform with virtually no decent authoring tools (especially since libRocket has some special important CSS attributes). This of course isn't a problem with libRocket but with the whole concept of using HTML for game UI.
  6. mpreisler

    To CEGUI or not to CEGUI

    Let me start by saying that I am a CEGUI team member so I may not be objective :-D (Kulik on the cegui.org.uk forums). I think reinventing the wheel is a terrible option, good that you ruled that out. Now for the rumors about archaic implementation :-) This is really subjective, to each his own but I think you will hardly find any open source GUI library that has a more pragmatic and clean API than CEGUI, the API is quite mature and we are working to improve it in 0.8. Most people who claim "CEGUI sucks" couldn't even get it going... (no offense smasherprog). The editor I find pretty bad (maybe its just me), I do more just writting the xml than using the editor[/quote] Efforts are being done to improve the tool situation and we have a new unified tool for editing all CEGUI related assets on the horizon: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=UWnBOgG9r1Q http://www.youtube.c...h?v=E5jKSDXqSkE http://www.youtube.c...h?v=d_MtZ04bjOI We are aware that documentation isn't perfect but I don't think the other libs are that much better in this regard (for example MyGUI is a great piece of code but with Russian code comments and virtually no support). We would appreciate any help in this regard (#cegui @ irc.freenode.net) In a c++ program, the hello world can be completed by downloading any compiler, installing and running the code within minutes. After downloading the Crazy Eddies GUI library and trying to get somewhere with it --and failing, my first impression is that it sucks[/quote] IMO this is not really a fair comparison, hello world has no dependencies. Comparing a Qt or Gtk hello world to CEGUI hello world would be a bit more fair but still a completely different thing. CEGUI should have a stupid simple tutorial for directx, and opengl at a minimum, where it is shown how to do simple things, like create a window, button, etc.[/quote] http://www.cegui.org.uk/docs/current/ See beginners tutorials :-) I looked over the page and found it to be very unorganized. If the page is like that, the code must be equally as bad.[/quote] ... As I said, we desperately need wiki editors. HTH PS: I don't visit gamedev.net often but I will subscribe to this thread, feel free to ask in cegui.org.uk forum as well
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