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    Hello, This is my first post. I just wanted to say hi to everyone :) I'm a indie game developer, currently working on mobile Unity M&M game in 6 people team :)  
  2. troopson

    TPP camera

    Ok , I used the simple way(2 rotations+translate)instead of glulookat. Thanks. But Ive encountered a next problem, In my TPP camera i rotate Object when i rotate camera, and i see there is a problem rotating my object by Y axis. ProApp::instance->player.rx=k.rx; //it rotates rly strange ProApp::instance->player.ry=k.ry; cout<<k.rx<<endl; ProApp::instance->player.rz=k.rz; playe cpp glTranslatef(x,y,z); glRotatef(rx,1.0f,0,0); glRotatef(ry,0.0f,1.0f,0); glRotatef(rz,0.0f,0,1.0f); I want it to rotate to the direction its heading. This is the problem.
  3. troopson

    TPP camera

    So.. i need a 'right' vector. How to do that? Btw. if im rotated 90degree rx the up vector will be 0,0,1 (its behind the start) ?
  4. troopson

    TPP camera

    Hello. I have a problem,i want to make a TPP camera. im using glulookat this way: gluLookAt(kamera.mPos.x,kamera.mPos.y,kamera.mPos.z, kamera.mView.x,kamera.mView.y,kamera.mView.z, 0,1,0); //!and every frame i use: float dist=2.0f; //distance from player(my object) player.rx=kamera.rx; player.ry=kamera.ry; player.rz=kamera.rz; kamera.mPos.x=player.x-(float)sin(kamera.ry*PIOVER180)*dist; kamera.mPos.y=player.y-(float)sin(kamera.rx*PIOVER180)*dist; kamera.mPos.z=player.z+(float)cos(kamera.ry*PIOVER180)*dist; kamera.mView.x=player.x; kamera.mView.y=player.y; kamera.mView.z=player.z; where rx and ry is the rotation around the axis. And what happens is when i rotate around ry everything works fine, but when i rotate around rx(top/down) crossing 1.0 value everything goes wrong. I think its about 3 last glulookat parameters but i have no idea how to set it.. Help:]
  5. troopson

    Help with triangulated models

    Hi, Im searching for some free TRIANGULATED .obj files. I can't find any on the internet :/ I need that to my school project. I'm using the code from http://openglsamples.sourceforge.net/files/glut_obj.cpp Has anyone anything?:]
  6. troopson

    Programming iPhone

    up. Seriously, are there no iphone programmers?
  7. Firstly sorry for probably wrong section of my thread, I couldn't find a better one:) The problem is i really want to learn progamming games on iphone. I've got mac and iphone, I've got license etc. I just can't find any helpful link at google. The best i found was : http://www.icodeblog.com/2009/01/15/iphone-game-programming-tutorial-part-1/ but the source code doesn't work and there is video missing(which is necessary). Seriously guys do you know any good helpful tutorial/e-book ? Thanks in advance:)
  8. I made a apache server on my Ubuntu and installed everything that facebook app needs. I created simple facebook .php file with example taken from official webiste. Everything works cool. I can connect typing it's ip adress at facebook settings from another pc in my network. When i enter my global adress to all facebook settings stuff(http://89.74.***.**/php_test/) the site doesn't show up. It doesn't work. Im behind router and I forwarded 80 and 8080 ports to Any ideas?? Edit: I figured out my router has some loopback errors, other people can see my app. Solved.
  9. troopson

    UDP hole punching

    Firstly I'd like to thank for the helpful responses I read http://www.mindcontr.../nat-punch.html, which was very helpful. Its food for thoughts. Is it possible to test it inside 1 network? e.g. im,second pc is and the main server is, the nat is Guess not?
  10. troopson

    UDP hole punching

    Yes I know how to send UDP Packet. According to the alghoritm Let A and B be the two hosts, each in its own private network; N1 and N2 are the two NAT devices; S is a public server with a well-known globally reachable IP address. A and B each begin a UDP conversation with S; the NAT devices N1 and N2 create UDP translation states and assign temporary external port numbersS relays these port numbers back to A and BA and B contact each others' NAT devices directly on the translated ports; the NAT devices use the previously created translation states and send the packets to A and B [/quote] Okay let's say i have a global server S . Now i run clients on A and B who send UDP packet saying 'hello i want to connect to another pc'. Server gets the IPs of A and B routers. the NAT devices N1 and N2 create UDP translation states and assign temporary external port numbers [/quote] i don't understand this, how to do that.. ?
  11. Hi, I'm new here:) I've created a simple app using VoIP client-server. Now i see i need to use http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDP_hole_punching , because the server can't handle many clients. I've no idea how I am supposed to implement that in my code.Anyone could help?
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