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  1. Just made my family some curry, and I'm feeling a bit Japanese now :P
  2. yeah, no problem, I actually didn't know either till I looked at their webpage again
  3. *prays for a snow day tomorrow or Wednesday*
  4. Is it just me or is it that everything I want to watch doesn't seem to appear on netflix, and then I end up watching something else on the main page?
  5. I don't know if you want to write this all yourself or not, but you could look at Assimp to get some ideas   assimp loads lots of 3D file types and they make it easy to extract 3D animation data. Assimp is written for a few languages and they have the source code available for download
  6. BrendanWebster

    GLSL version considerations?

    I would say use whatever version suits the code you are writing, if you are planning on using Immediate mode then you'll need to use GLSL 1.2 but if you plan on using Buffer Objects then go ahead and use 1.5. Seeing that you want to use OpenGL 3.2 I would expect that you plan on using Buffer Objects. Um, also do you have a specific reason to use OpenGL 3.2 over 3.3?
  7. the inventor of dlls was a master troll
  8. books need to be updated to feature the ctrl+f ability
  9. Some buyer wants to buy your HP computer w/o HDD for $175, I think that that is a pretty fair price, but I need to know what you think, if you like the price, when you think he should come over to check out.
  10. The YouTube video shuffler sucks! I keep on getting the exact same songs :(
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