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  1. Hello, AUDIOGROCERY offers a 30% discount in August. Here is some information about the products features, prices and the direct links: Logic X Articulation COMPLETE (Price 79 EUR => 55 EUR Now) AG COMPLETE bundle is an advanced articulation switching system for Apple Logic Pro X. The bundle offers a powerful OS X Articulation Maps Editor software, a Logic MIDI FX Articulation switcher universal plugin, an iPad Articulation Remote workstation, as well as a rich collection of Articulation Presets, MIDI FX plugins, Transform Sets and Environment tools. The Articulation Maps software allows you to create articulation switching presets easily and teleport the presets to the Logic Articulation Switcher plugin and to the iPad Remote workstation just for seconds. ORPHEUS ::: Bulgarian Ethnic Choir & Soloists (Kontakt) (Price 149 EUR => 104 EUR Now) ORPHEUS is an authentic vocal sample library performed by the best Bulgarian professional choirs (40-50 singers), vocal groups and soloists. All patches (without the Rubatos) are auto-synced to the Kontakt or to the sequencer host tempo. The Instrument comes with a unique Sample Start EDITOR which allows you to map the vocal syllables to the keyboard keys just by moving the Playhead cursor to the desired syllable in the wave form editor. You can compose new vocal phrases from existing ones, keeping the vocal performance authenticity. The library offers 27 Instrument patches organized into four suites using short abbreviation info after the patch name. • The (SYNC) suite offers tempo synced choir phrases (available in 12-13 key pitches mostly). • The (CHORD SYNC) patches allow you to play musically and compose chords, custom polyphony and polyrhythmic motifs (up to 25 key pitches). • The (RUB) suite offers “Rubato” choir phrases (12-13 key pitches). The Rubato phrases are available in “One shot” and in “Loop” mode. For example, in “Loop” mode you can play sustained chords (Ahh, Ehh...) or custom polyphony by getting the samples directly from a live choir song session. • The (SOLO VOX) suite offers five extra solo vocals which present various style of singing related to the different folklore regions of Bulgaria. The solo patches are available in 12 key pitches. Vox De Bulgaria ::: Choir & Solo Vocal grooves (S.A.G.E Xpander) (Price 99 EUR => 69 EUR Now) Vox De Bulgaria bundle is a vocal library (for Stylus RMX) containing solo, duo, trio and choir grooves turning the standard Stylus RMX rhythm machine into an impressive musical instrument. The bundle is remarkable for its brilliant high quality performances of a third generation young professional female folk singers. The well-known Bulgarian Voices included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. An awesome variety of up to 25 natively recorded elements per suite (E2-E4) are available for some choir grooves, giving the users the unique possibility to compose live harmony choir tracks using the RMX "Groove Menu" mode in a musical way. Best, AG Team
  2. Hello, Audio Grocery offers special Holidays Prices till January, 10, 2016. Bulgarian Voices Sample Libraries ORPHEUS - 116 Eur; Vox De Bulgaria - 79 Eur; Apple Logic Tools PRO AG Logic Toolkit PRO 4.0 (New) - 49 Eur; Logic Snapshot Console - 28 Eur; Happy Holidays! AG
  3. Logic Articulation Maps EDITOR & AG Logic Toolkit 4.0   Hello, Audio Grocery is proud to announce the very first Logic Articulation Maps Editor (Map Application), which comes with the new AG Logic Toolkit Pro v4.0. The Maps Editor is designed according to the modern 3dr Party Instrument specifications, giving you the ability to create Articulation Maps just for seconds, using lots of powerful batch editing features.   Audio Grocery is focused on easy and quick Articulation Maps creation/management. Our philosophy gives you total freedom to create your own setups without waiting for factory Maps releases or coming into complicated scripting assignments.   WATCH DEMO VIDEO     AG Articulation Maps EDITOR – Key Features   • OSX (8 – 11) and Retina support. • A MIDI Channel, Two Key Switches (plus Latch), a Program Change and two Controllers Map assignments. • Enhanced Maps browser including: MIDI Channel column, Instrument and Articulation Name columns. • Copy Map Next KS1 and KS2 function powered by two smart algorithm settings: “Copy KS Semitone” and “Copy KS White Keys”. • Copy Maps with Next MIDI Channel (Multiple Maps Selection). • Instrument/Channel Names assignments dialog. • Four Maps switching Modes: Multi Timbral, Mono Timbral (Single Track), Logic EXS24 and Note Event (by MIDI Channel & Articulation ID). • Old Maps v3.0 support. You can import v3.0 Maps via a text file or you can copy the Maps in the Scripter and import them via the “Import from Clipboard” Editor File menu. • Quick Maps Selection: Select Maps via the computer Numerical, Shift or Command Keys; Select Equal Channels; Select Unequal Channel; Invert Selection; • Additional Operations: Duplicate Maps; Clear maps Assignments; Swap KS1 & KS2. • Quick Key Commands/Shortcuts for all Editor functions. • Assignments Batch Editing. You can select multiplel Maps and transpose the Key Switches or change the Program and the Controller assignments in one go. • Copy to Clipboard. This global feature delivers the Editor Maps to Logic via the computer clipboard.   Logic Articulation Switcher 4.0 – Key Features   • Universal Maps Support. The new ultimate Scripter plugin detects the imported Editor Maps Mode automatically. • Mono Timbral & Multi Timbral Remote Control. Now the Multi Timbral plugin Mode controls the correspondent Articulation Channel automatically just by track selection. • Expanded Plugin Preferences. • Up to 256 Maps per Scripter instance.    Additional Toolkit – Key Features   • New Logic Starting Templates. • Maps Farm - Factory Maps Presets for 3dr Party Instruments (see the catalog here). • Environment Tools & MIDI FX Plugins. • HD Video Tutorials.   Visit the Audio Grocery updated page to get more info or watch the different Parts of the Entire Demo Video published above. This is a FREE Update for all AG Customers!   Happy Holidays,   AG Team
  4. AUDIOGROCERY::: Holidays SALE (Dec. 23-31)     Bulgarian Ethnic Choir Sample Libraries   ORPHEUS Part 1 (Kontakt) Vox De Bulgaria (RMX)   Apple Logic PRO   AG Logic X Toolkit PRO Logic Snapshot Automation   Happy Holidays!   A.G
  5. AUDIOGROCERY:::  BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Nov. 27-30) Discount details: Bulgarian Ethnic Choir Sample Libraries ORPHEUS Part 1 (Kontakt):  € 145 > € 99 now; Vox De Bulgaria (RMX):  €99 > € 64 now; Apple Logic PRO AG Logic Toolkit PRO:  €42 > € 33 now; Logic Snapshot Automation:  €35 > € 24 now; Happy Shopping A.G
  6. Hello, Audiogrocery offers Summer Discount (August 15–31) for the following products: ORPHEUS Bulgarian Voices Trilogy Part 1:   175 > 129 EUR; Vox De Bulgaria RMX :   127 > 89 EUR; Logic X Toolkit PRO :    49 > 37 EUR; Logic Snapshot Console :    45 > 33 EUR;   Regards,   A.G
  7. Hello,   Audiogrocery is excited to announce the Logic Articulation Maps PRO. The Articulation Maps PRO (AM PRO) is designed to collect multiple MIDI messages and send them in a single, automated node to the Track Instrument. This allows the user to select and display articulations directly from the Main window without the need for Key Switches, Program and Control Changes embedded within Logic’s editors. You can use “Single Lane” to automate the Articulation Maps whose nodes are shown as custom Map Names such as “Vn.Staccato”, “Va.Sustain” etc. Each Map can send up to six articulation messages basically: Key Switch, Program Change and four Control Change messages via unique Map customized MIDI Channel (1-16). The Advanced Maps can send hundreds articulation messages per Map switching. The AM PRO Articulation Maps can be controlled externally via single Key Switch, Program Change or Control Change MIDI message as well as via Logic Controller Assignments.   The new AM PRO is a major update of the Logic X Toolkit PRO v2.0. This update is FREE for all existing clients who own the previous toolkit versions! There is a detail 10min HD Demo Video labeled as “Video 3 (Am PRO)” in the Audiogrocery site. The Video Player offers a Quick Time format download link and a Youtube link as well.  You can download the AM PRO Documentation (PDF) from the Audiogrocery site. Best,   A.G  
  8. Hello, Audiogrocery offers over 25% discount (June 27–30) for its Bulgarian Ethnic Choir Sample Libraries: Orpheus Trilogy Part 1 - 175 EUR > 129 EUR; Vox De Bulgaria RMX - 127 EUR > 89 EUR;   The ORPHEUS Part 1 comes with 5 bonus Solo Vocals. Here a short Demo using a bonus Solo Vocal arranged with Choir A Cappella.   https://soundcloud.com/audiogrocery/ja-vchera-stanku-solo-choir-a-cappella   BTW. The ORPHEUS “Grand Choral” Part 2 is coming soon. It is a True massive Bulgarian Choir (48-55 female Pro singers), featuring brilliant well selected voices, deep & wide sound, true sampled legatos, all sorts of vocal articulations, true attacks & releases, FX, smart word constructor etc. Note: All Parts of the Trilogy are designed to be used together so each one is essential! If you own one part you will be invited to buy the next upcoming Part for a special extra price (30% OFF usually).
  9. Hello, Audiogrocery offers a spring sale (May 20-31) for its Bulgarian Ethnic Choir Sample Libraries: Orpheus Trilogy Part 1 - 175 EUR > 139 EUR; Vox De Bulgaria RMX - 127 EUR > 89 EUR;
  10. The Christmas sale of the legendary Bulgarian Voices sample libraries ORPHEUS & Vox De Bulgaria is now running through December 31st.   Discount details:   ORPHEUS Trilogy Part 1 – reg. € 175 – € 139;   Vox De Bulgaria – reg. €127 – € 89;   Happy Holidays   A.G
  11. Hi all, Audiogrocery is excited to announce the new Bulgarian Vox Trilogy – ORPHEUS which is suitable for game sound developments... The vocal library presents the best Bulgarian choirs and vocal groups – a bonus suite of 5 Solo Vox instrument patches are added as well. The library is available in NI Kontakt format with specially designed workstation user interface. The first part of the trilogy “The Art of Phrases” is released. Two HD demo Videos and detail Library and Instrument Key Features descriptions are available in the Product Web page: http://www.audiogrocery.com/orpheus_ph.htm   Kind regards, A.G  
  12. VOX DE BULGARIA - S.A.G.E vocal sample library for Stylus RMX [color=Forestgreen]SPRING Discount – 50EUR Off ! Vox De Bulgaria is the very first massive (1.2Gb) vocal pack containing solo, duo, trio and choir grooves turning the standard Stylus RMX rhythm machine into an impressive musical instrument. The bundle is remarkable for its brilliant high quality performances of a third generation young professional female folk singers. The well-known Bulgarian Voices included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. An awesome variety of up to 25 natively recorded elements per suite (E2-E4) are available for some choir grooves, giving the users the unique possibility to compose live harmony choir tracks using the RMX "Groove Menu" mode in a musical way. You can find the product and a detail demo Video here: http://www.audiogroc...m/vox_de_bg.htm Regards, A.G
  13. A.G


    Thanks Nathan, be welcome ! Ivan
  14. A.G


    [color="#1C2837"]if I'm writing a piece that changes meters - your loops may not fit.[/quote] [color="#1C2837"]These loops can fit with any material! If you have noted (in the demo video) I use "Groove" mode in the Stylus which loads the all 24 chromatic loops into the system RAM. In this scenario you use the RMX like any other sampler - you play the notes and release the notes at any place you what - the advantage here is that S.A.G.E can be used in ANY tempo. Look very carefully in the last part of the video where I compose live with the massive choir loop "Dingi dingi" - ( after my live composing I play the tune ones more time as Acappella showing the Piano Roll and the Score editor, so you can have full idea about the different midi note duration, pitches etc. [color="#1C2837"]Here I guess you are not quite familiar with the Stylus "Groove" mode - probably you have used to the default "Slice" mode arranging drums only. [color="#1C2837"]Or if I change to different modes (just for example from dorian into locrian) then your loops may not work there either. Simply offering chromatic loops doesn't really compete against other choir virtual instruments that allow you to truly PLAY IN whatever you hear in your head. [/quote] [color="#1C2837"]Nope, the Vox De Bulgaria choir loops are designed to work exactly "[color="#1C2837"]to truly PLAY IN whatever you hear in your head" ! I did not mentioned that the choir sings same note pitch in each chromatic loop - using some ethnic specific syllables. So if you play note E2 the choir will sing Dingi E2 - Dingi E2, - Dingi E2. If you play a chord E2,G2,B2 (Em) all the syllables are in sync and the result is Dingi (Em), - Dingi (Em) - Dingi (Em) etc. Here you can even trigger the chords notes with a bit little out of sync so the result will be the way you have triggered the midi notes. [color="#1C2837"]Another trick is to make different rhythm patterns by your taste. Cause you are in "Groove" mode you can hit a chord and hold it very short time just to produce the first syllable (or hold the note/chord for the 1st and 2dn syllables). [color="#1C2837"]One more time - watch carefully the last part of the video and look at the notation or in the piano roll or the Virtual Keyboard, where I compose 100% free playing chords, melodic parts, different note duration etc ! [color="#1C2837"]By the way Vox De Bulgaria and the up-coming "Bulgarian Voices" Multi format pack was originally designed as one bundle. Lately I decided to separate the Loops from the "Layering" project (though the "Bulgarian Voices" pack will offer some Apple, Rex etc loops as well). The main idea was to give the possibility to the user to use some powerful instrument like the RMX to be able to play and compose music using loops in a high MUSICAL way - as you see I could find a way how to design that to work in the RMX. Many top Pro Audio sites announced that as the first vocal pack for Stylus and admirated the idea. [color="#1C2837"] but when I do an A/B comparison of the sound of this choir virtual instrument to other choir virtual instruments, it just doesn't sound as good to my ears.[/quote] [color="#1C2837"]Your problem is - you can not A/B compare Bulgarian Voices (specific ethno vocals, way of vocal producing, singing etc) with any other ! What I can say I'm more than 30 years in the Bulgarian Voices business working as a composer and a "Specialized BG Voices Studio", so I have worked with almost the all choirs and singers as well as I have recorded these vocals for some other Grand International compositions and trust me - all the produces are more than happy with these voices. But if you have your own taste just stay at your Vocal collections n/p. [color="#1C2837"]You didn't respond, from what I read, to my comment about the thin sound of this library - how it basically only seemed to be young(er) and/or female voices.[/quote] [color="#1C2837"]Yes I did not cause I have announced that in the site if you had a look at the text there. According to the long time recording and mixing of BG Voices, me and many other worldwide famous producers, arrangers, composer etc discovered that the "Young Bulgarian Voices" are the better choice for mixing into any style of music. As an example we did some detailed "blind" tests with some very famous "Old BG Voices" samples and the same samples performed from the [color="#1C2837"] "Young Bulgarian Voices". The result was just - BRILLIANT MIX thanks to the "Young Bulgarian Voices" rich overtones, fresh/bright breathing etc ! [color="#1C2837"]For this reason I invited the best Third Generation Bulgarian singers for my projects and still prefer (not me only) to keep that strategy for the future projects. [color="#1C2837"]A.G
  15. A.G


    1. It is the very first vocal pack 100% offering Bulgarian Voices (some other "Ethno World" packs have included 3-4 Bulgarian samples by now). 2. It is the very first vocal pack which offers Choir samples (up to 24 chromatic elements) so you can compose "musically" with the choir grooves. The Demo Video beginning and ending are example of this way of composing. 3. It is the very first vocal pack where the famous Bulgarian rubato singing offers special "Q" versions where the singer syllables (speech) can sync to the host tempo of your project. 4. It is the very first vocal pack for Stylus at all. This S.A.G.E format is very suitable with Bulgarian Voice grooves giving you the possibilities to work in ANY tempo keeping the high quality and the native vibrato of the voices. Any time stretching technologies do not handle well with the Bulgarian voices (regarding the dissonance, phrases, native vibrato speed etc). There are much more unique features that I'm probably missing right now... Regarding the up coming projects and versions Audio Grocery plan to announce them after each release. There are different reports about the web site video streaming (some say it is very fast, other say slow etc - which depends on the world wide local providers). For that reason Audio Grocery offers a video download version (there is a Quick Time video download button) at the bottom of the video player window. Regards, A.G
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