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  1. asishnr@gmail.com

    D3D9 Line object hits performance

    Hi, thanks a lot for the response. Do you have any idea how to implement Pixel Shader. I have seen few example, but no one has given a full set of example. I am bit confused with the writing of '.fx' file. Will this approach do the job better? Thanks for your solution. I will try this and shall update you.
  2. asishnr@gmail.com

    D3D9 Line object hits performance

    Hi, I implemented it with drawing a rectangle using 2 Triangles and by calling Primitive drawing using TriangleList. I achieved thick lines, but it doesn't get me a smooth line. Especially when I draw slightly slanting lines with respect to horizontal / vertical axis.
  3. asishnr@gmail.com

    D3D9 Line object hits performance

    Thanks for your reply. I shall test it out and revert.
  4. asishnr@gmail.com

    D3D9 Line object hits performance

    Hi friends, D3D9 Line object hits performance while drawing huge number of lines. I use Line object because I couldn't fine any help for drawing thick lines for other drawing mechanisms where as Line object does it in a pretty easy way. Some one please tell me any solution for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ashie.
  5. Hi there, I am drawing a graph application which draws Lines (data for few hours around 100000 lines max) using SlimDX.Direct3D9. My requirement is that I should draw the line with a given color and thickness. I could draw the lines using Primitive drawing approach; but failed in providing thickness. I have seen people saying to use VertexShader,PixelShader, GeometryShader etc. But could not find a complete set of example. Some one Please tell me how to write a '.FX' file and get the shader details from it and apply for my Primitive to increase the line thickness. Thanks in advance.
  6. Well, I got it solved. It , in fact it was not an issue with the Font drawing. I just wrote a code to re- initialize the device with the new Width and Height when i re-size my window. Here I faced one more issue that my code to re initialize the device caused me a hanging effect ( for hours and i had to re start my machine due to this few times). I overcome this issue by setting a timer in my onResized event handler and make sure that I do re-initilize if application is not resized for around 200milli seconds.
  7. Hi, I just wonder whether drawing a line using 'SlimDX.Direct3D9' is such a difficult task? Normally drawing a line would be the first step of learning in any 2D or 3D drawing mechanisms. I have been searching for a solution for more than 10 days and tried to get a solution using google as well. For my surprise I could not find even a single usefult hint so far. Can any one help me please................. My requrement is as follows... I want to draw a line 1. with given Width / Thickness 2. I want drawing mechanism like LineList; not like LineStrip 3.I am interested in 2D drawing in 3D space. So i have to draw a line from a given point P1 to another Point P2 with a given color and thickness. 4. Is it possible using SlimDX? I tried with 1) 'SlimDX.Direct3D9' Line object - but here I could draw only a line Strip. 2) Primitive drawing - But line drawn is in black color despite I mention a color and also I am not able to specify the Width. We have many experts who create so many games using SlimDX , XNA etc. Any one please spend few minutes to give a solution for me. Any suggestion would be hightly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. asishnr@gmail.com

    [D3D9] Resizing sprites

    Hi Would you please share the code - scaling of the sprite? I am also facing the same issue.
  9. Hello there, I have a small query to you guys... In my application I am using 'SlimDX.Direct3D9' to draw 5 lines of data on the screen ( each line contains a simple word). I use the following method to draw the string on the screen.. I am maintaining a gap of 50 pixel in between each line. SlimDX.Direct3D9.[color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]Font _Font; System.Drawing.[color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]Font systemfont = [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]new System.Drawing.[color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]Font([color="#a31515"][color="#a31515"]"Arial", 8f, System.Drawing.[color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]FontStyle.Regular); _Font = [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]new SlimDX.Direct3D9.[color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]Font(_Device, systemfont); [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]public [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]override [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]void PrintText([color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]string text, [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]int x, [color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]int y, [color="#2b91af"][color="#2b91af"]Color4 color) { _Font.DrawString([color="#0000ff"][color="#0000ff"]null, text, x, y, color); } Everything seems to be fine and data is being displayed until i re size the window. When i resize the window , scaling happens (Font size on the screan gets bigger or smaller). I want to disable this feautre. I want the data to be written in Constant size and in have to maintain constistant width. Please advise me what should i do to achieve this. Thansk in advance.
  10. Hi there, I am using SlimDX with C# to develop my 2D chart. Due to our client's recommendation I am using 'SlimDX.Direct3D9'. I have a simple requirement. I am using Primitive drawing to draw the lines. But I found following issues. 1. I have to draw lines with different thickness and different color. I found it difficult to implement it using primitive drawing (using PrimitiveType.LineList). My code looks as follows. [System.Runtime.InteropServices.StructLayout(System.Runtime.InteropServices.LayoutKind.Sequential)] public struct PositionColored { public Vector3 Position; public int Color; public Vector3 Normal; public static readonly VertexFormat format = VertexFormat.Diffuse | VertexFormat.Position | VertexFormat.Normal; } In reder method:- _Device.BeginScene(); _Device.VertexFormat = PositionColored.format; _Device.DrawUserPrimitives<PositionColored>(primitiveType, 0, vertices.Length / 2, vertices); _Device.EndScene(); _Device.Present(); I found few examples with rendering using triangle type. But in my case I should be able to provide a color at run time in which i can draw lines. So thickness and color are the problems I am facing here. Now, when i finished drawing, all the lines are rendered in same color (Black -> despite i specify the color as Red) and with unique thickness. Can any one please help? 2. I tried with an alternate approach by using the Line object. I could give a specific color and thickness also. But unfortunately I can only draw cannected lines (just like in 'LineStrip' . But I want the functionality like 'LineList'. Code is given below. SlimDX.Direct3D9.Line _Line = null; _Line.GLLines = true; _Line.Width = 0.5; _Device.BeginScene(); _Line.Draw(_Vertices, this._RenderColor); _Device.EndScene(); _Device.Present(); If some one can help to solve out any of these 2 scenarios, it would be a great help. Please advise, thanks in advance.
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