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    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    As far as I'm aware there aren't any, I would recommend starting on your own small games first things such as pong then when you get to grips with the concepts you learn from pong advance to more difficult games like Asteroids or Space Invaders. That way you'll get a lot more experience and understand the concepts far better in my opinion.
  2. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    There are a lot of games made in Java; Java Games. Techniques taught in a Software Engineering course would be transitional to Games Programming yes, also works the other way around as far as I'm aware.
  3. MichaelChambers

    About being an anonymous developer

    As Telastyn has said its possible but my question is this, why would you want to do that?
  4. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    I linked Dream in Code earlier, look up the thread I'm sure you'll find the link. As I said then the site has "pure" programming tutorials for most languages. I wouldn't say its not simple enough to use however as previously stated you are far better learning a none specific language such as Java/C#. I think you've really been given most of the information that a person can be given by this point, you've got several websites in which you could get tutorials from the rest is down to you to try and see what you like and want to learn.
  5. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    No I suggested C# or Ruby as an intial language to start with, I've used Game Maker once or twice way back when and I never liked it. RPG Maker is very drag and drop but the freedom you can gain from scripting is quite large some people have even developed systems for creating ORPG's for example. I'd highly recommend Unity3D as a base engine to start with or the XNA framework as I said earlier both of these utilize C# (Unity3D using both C# and Javascript).
  6. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    Well I would say C# is about the same as Java in terms of difficulty but far easier than C++ which is what you want with an initial language. I would even suggest trying out programs like RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX. These both use RGSS which is a variant of Ruby, this was the base language I learnt then progressed onto C# and now onto C++. One of the advantages of starting with those programs despite there limitations is the availability of help online from the RPG Maker communities which includes hundreds of free scripts you could learn from.
  7. MichaelChambers

    Simple 2 player Game Setup

    While I'm not sure about Electroserver or the API's that are associated with it I do know that the most common networking that is done within Unity3D is done following this tutorial. I know that most of them use SmartFoxServer2 which would primarily be used for matchmaking in a simple 2 player game. As for the questions you pose at the end for making rooms limited to specific people you could run a check in the Update() function which would check how many people with the "Player" tag are connected and present in a scene and if its above a certain number not allow any more connections. Making people see each other and stuff I'm not too sure about I think its covered in the tutorial though.
  8. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    3D Buzz will be your best bet for a single tutorial series in which you can create something and for lack of a better word monitor your progress as you go through them, particularly in the C# XNA tutorials when they create small games and run you through various aspects of programming involved.
  9. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    Well courses with instructors generally come at a premium, I think that there are enough online learning resources available that you'd be able to teach yourself the necessary skills to program or model with time and patience. I think first you need to get out of the mind set that your too young or its for college students, if you're planning on learning a skill such as programming at age 13 you are going to be learning topics that are very difficult compared to things that are typically in your age range. Websites such as Dream in Code have numerous tutorials for learning programming which start from the absolute basics and then progress onto more difficult topics, this I would think is a good starting point to learning a programming language at your age or any age.
  10. MichaelChambers

    Online Learning Options for a 13 year old

    The key site I see linked too for video tutorials these days is 3D Buzz they have some amazing quality tutorial series for a number of modelling programs as well as programming tutorials using frameworks such as XNA or the Unity3D engine. I'd recommend them first and foremost a second recommendation I would give is the BurgZergArcade tutorial series on creating a Hack and Slash game in Unity3D it focuses primarily on the C# language within Unity but it would be very beneficial as a starting point to teach you the basics of Object-orientated programming.
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