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  1. Just a thought about the IDE.
    Has anyone tried Eclipse IDE or something similar (free) for writing C++?
    Just wondering because you have to pay for extensions like that assistance tool and stuff, for eclipse it would be all free.

  2. It won't solve your documentation issue, but the Visual Studio C++ editor feels a lot better with VisualAssistX installed. It's still not the same as working in C#, but it makes the IDE a lot smarter.

    Ooooooh Slavik thats cool!
    ReSharper is far better in the C# world but this comes very close to it and it works for C++.
    I thank you very much, this is one of that tiny things in a development enviroment which turn a frustrating coding into an funny experience!

    Documentation is still an issue but i think i have to stick with MSDN. Visual Assist X really made my day!

  3. You can pack your Business and Data Layer to an seperate project and then make the Data Layer internal.
    This way the Data Layer is only visible for the Project you are in. The Business Project in that case.

    Thats one possible solution, google a bit about internal and protected, depending on the architecture of your project this should help you.

  4. Thanks for the replys!

    Im aware of MSDN and also have multiple sources including books as starting help. I just cant believe that this is all you can get in "C++ Land", well Desert seems to be the far better synonym.
    Hell i allready know what i want to do pretty exactly, its just the how do you spell that in C++ and some special cases how you handle things in C++.
    I just want a little bit support i dont want to memorize the whole framework.
    Also the support you get from IDE and the few tools expanding the IDE for C++ are very very primitive.
    Compared to C# where i have .NET documentation and ReSharper, C++ is somekind of dinosaur.

    I was thinking that there has to be somekind of better support, thats crazy.

  5. Hey,

    well im an experienced C# Developer and currently starting to experiment with game development.
    I also decided that i want to learn C++ for Game Development.

    So far so good ofc i have some of the common starter problems.
    But there is one point i really really miss, the documentation of the framework methods.

    In C# when u use any method from the framework there is an XML Documentation available which delivers a short description what that method does.
    In C++ i only get a list of the overloaded methods and the required parameters.....

    Is there a Documentation i can include in Visual Studio?
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