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  1. Would it be worth limiting how someone could write their name, instead? So there is a forced initial capital letter, and all others are lower case. Only two words at most. No numbers, symbols, underscores, etc; just letters, and perhaps letters with accents. And you could still include your black list of swears and such. This is kind of a combination of C and D (perhaps it's that elusive B?). If someone wants to be called Arthur, that's fine. If someone wants to be called Franglobinjit, that's great! If someone wants to be called _Xx_a55a55in_xX_, they are IP banned, and perhaps a squad of black ops soldiers are deployed to deal with the issue. Also, what if the player got given a title by the game, too? If the player uses the sword as their main weapon, they may become known as "Arthur, the champion". Or if they are thieves, they may become known and "Hiratylbin, the cunning".
  2. luke2006

    Health Regeneration

    I've been messing around with an idea for a first person shooter where taken damage places strain on joints; take too much, and you'll lose an arm, leg, or your head. Otherwise, health regenerates CoD style. So it's a different take on the 'health regenerates TO AN EXTENT' system.
  3. luke2006

    FPS opponent matchmaking

    I like the idea of making a "guest appearance" in other matches. Perhaps a high ranking player can choose to play as a 'Mercenary'; rather than playing as any other player would, they drop into random matches for a couple of minutes to achieve a particular goal. For example, say their is a game of Team Deathmatch going, and there is a Red player that is dominating. A Mercenary joins the game, and is given the goal: kill the Red player that is steam rolling everyone. The mercenary would have a set time limit to achieve this goal; say, three minutes. All players would be alerted to the presence of the mercenary, as well. Another example; a game of Assault (Halo?), where you need to plant a bomb at a target. The mercenary spawns in, and is given the goal; plant the bomb. That sort of thing, Just a way to keep a veteran player playing the game, to add an awesome and orginal twist to gameplay, to allow players to play a 'quick' game. I say just high ranking/veteran players of the game because: a) they're most likely to be able to complete the goals, and b) you need some way of limiting the number of mercenaries (should be in a ratio of like 20 normal players to 1 mercenary, depending on the game).
  4. luke2006

    Morality as a game mechanic

    "The thing is that you are trading the complexity for variance. Having arcs means having more stories which takes more time and more money so each story gets less attention. Each change is a tradeoff." Por que no los dos? Just because you add complexity doesn't inherintly mean you sacrifice quality.
  5. luke2006

    Morality as a game mechanic

    The multiple story arcs is a great point. This points to what I really want to see in a game: stories generated by the game, not just 2 preset stories. Totally agree! But then the system isn't really a morality system. I think it improves on a 'morality' mechanic, though. And it's agenda*
  6. luke2006

    Morality as a game mechanic

    I suppose the system I'm thinking of is simpler because it doesn't need to complement a storyline. When there is a storyline, I don't think a morality system works. Often, the player is in the role of a world (or universe) saving hero, and to be 'evil' doesn't make sense at all. With the storyline-less, sandbox, open-world game, the player has and should have freedom to do whatever, and so a morality system has a place.
  7. luke2006

    Morality as a game mechanic

    I've recently been thinking about an RPG game in which there is no set storyline; it's just about your life. And you will die. If you're not killed by bandits or royal guards, you will get old. And then you will die. And so the game would be a sandbox one in which the player can go wherever, do whatever, become whomever, and try to make the most of their life. In the player's life, they would be performing actions and making choices. And so I was thinking of adding a relationships mechanic; similar to a morality one. Certain actions would modify a player's relationship with an NPC or group of NPCs. For example: I help an old lady cross the street. That NPC then likes me. I kill a royal guard. The royal guards no longer like me and wish to attack me; the peasants like me because they dislike the royal guard; the royal guard's family doesn't like me for obvious reasons. And so on. The relationship you have with someone alters your interactions. Going back to the examples previous; the old lady owns a fruit store, and she now gives me discounts. The royal guards have swords, and they now try to kill me. Make sense? So this is KIND OF a morality system; the choices made by the player affect those around them.
  8. Thankyou for your reply! Much appreciated. And you've obviously got a tonne of really creative ideas. I'd like to stick to bullet weapons if possible. But I'd very much like to implement something slightly out of the norm, so if you have other ideas, keep them coming!!
  9. Unfortunately, all FPS games are going to be compared to Call of Duty and Halo. Although I think this is more like the Crysis weapon system than the Call of Duty one, as soon as you introduce class mechanics or different loadouts, and people rather ignorantly say "COD CLONE!!". Fair enough. Although I thought I categorised it pretty well and summed it up nicely in the end?
  10. Is there a problem? What do I need to do to get responses?!
  11. Havoc FPS It has been a while since I've done any game development. But I'm back, and I've just gotten started on HAVOC, a 3D multiplayer online shooter game, with a big focus on customisation. You'll be able to select weapons with tonnes of attachments, and equipment, too. The arenas you fight in will be built by players in a powerful level editor, and then these arenas will hopefully feature destructable terrain, too! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the current (tentative) list of weapons to be included. Note that I'm trying to get a variety of relatively UNIQUE weapons, hence the varying power, RoF, accuracy, recoil, etc of the weapons. A player will go into battle with ONE of the following weapons (or TWO dual wieldable weapons). Assault Rifle (fires a three round burst)Battle Rifle (marksman's weapon - single shot selective fire)Sub Machine Gun (high RoF, but inaccuracte)Heavy Machine Gun (powerful, high RoF, but unwieldy)Pump-Action Shotgun (chick chick BOOM)Rapid-Fire Shotgun (same as the above, but at a much higher tempo, and without the pump action)Dual Weapons (any combination of 2: Pistol, Revolver, Machine Pistol, Sawn-Off Shotgun e.g. dual pistols)Each weapon will also have attachments (except the dual weapons). Attachments fall into 3 categories - Magazine, Sight and Barrel. As such, you can pick one attachment from each category. The current list of attachments I have compiled: Magazine Extended Magazine Dual Magazine FMJ Magazine JSP Magazine Magazine w/ Tracers Buckshots SlugsSight Iron Sight Reflex Sight Telescopic Sight Thermal Sight Laser SightBarrel Suppressor Muzzle Brake Extended Barrel Foregrip Sling Grenade Launcher Breaching ShotgunThe reason I have listed all of these weapons is to ask a number of questions. Note that the aim is for a lot customisation with UNIQUE weapons and parts. Each part, weapon, configuration should fill a different role or suit a different play style. If you think there is an issue with this system, say so! If there is a role that needs to be filled or a weapon you'd like to suggest, say so in your reply. I'd like more attachment ideas and more weapon mechanics for the game. Should I include attachments for the dual weapons, such as a Snub Nose for the Revolver or a Folding Stock for the Machine Pistol? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next point: equipment. Pressing E will toggle between Equipment and your Weapon. For example, if you have your 'Battle Rifle w/ JSP Rounds + Thermal Sight + Suppressor' and you press E, you will put the weapon away and bring out your frag grenades, ready to be thrown or even cooked and then thrown! Other equipment ideas that I've had: Fragmentation GrenadeStun GrenadeFlash GrenadeSmoke GrenadeRemote ExplosiveTriggered ExplosivesKnife How does that list seem? Should there be a seperate melee button, or should knife be part of the equipment? Should you be able to forgo equipment for body armour, say, or some other passive equipment? Do you have ideas for more equipment? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next: The level editor. The world, as you can see from the above screenshots, is a voxel one. In the level editor, you'll be able to place and remove these blocks. I've also thought of including a tool in the 'Toolbox' that allows you to select 2 points in the world and it will fill the region bounded by these points with blocks, so that you can quickly add a wall or floor. Do you have any other ideas to make the level editor more user friendly or more powerful? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, being a multiplayer game, it's not going to include a single player mode. As such, I would like to include some sort of progression system. The idea at the moment is to include an experience system. Getting kills, assists, streaks, killing a good opposing player, completing objectives, avenging a team mates death, saving a team mate from death, playing an entire match, winning a match, winning a streak of matches, etc will net you experience points. These points will go to putting up your rank. The plan at the moment is to organise players into 'groups' of experience. I'd find the highest experienced player, and their experience. For example, lets say they have 10,000 experience. Any players with 0-250 XP will be Privates. 250-750XP will be Corporals. 750-1500XP will be Sergeants. And so on. The issue with this is that new players will have trouble levelling up if one person has been playing for much longer (most likely, that player will be me, or a regular play tester). So how would I solve this issue? Is experience even the best way to go? Would ranking players by a ratio, like experience per game, be a better way of doing things? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So in summary, I need your input on: weaponry, attachments, equipment, the level editor and progression. If you have any other ideas for the game - particularly ideas to differentiate the game from other shooters - then don't hesitate to comment here! As a developer - as I'm sure you are aware - any feedback is valued and appreciated.
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