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  1. debone

    [web] Bug in HTML5/JS game

    You should rewrite most part of your code, organize it in pieces of logic parts, like controls, rendering and maths. You need to organize your variables names too. Soon it'll get so complicated that you'll not be able to start coding without spending some hours reading and trying to understand your code
  2. debone

    [web] NPAPI video rendering

    Can't you use the <video> tag?
  3. debone

    [web] Bug in HTML5/JS game

    In google Chrome I did not experienced any lag in walking, but in Firefox it does bug, maybe just a engine glitch in SpiderMonkey. Which browser you're trying debugging?
  4. debone

    [web] Jquery animate problem

    If you can, try to use absolute values for the movement then put .clearQueue().stop() before any animation
  5. Great posts, I'm a new member hoping there's something in this forum when I came across this! In my country there's a great problem, there's such a small game industry
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