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    Swapping data into a single VBO?

    Can you clarify of what the objective is? What problem you are having? [/quote] There isn't really a problem, all I heard is that a lot of times games will use just one or two VBOs for rendering. Like for example, a 2D game would use just one VBO and then render everything from the player to the environment with that VBO. Anyways, this isn't an issue anymore, I think I understand how this works. I wonder if there is a "Delete Thread" button.
  2. Rosenzweigjcb

    Swapping data into a single VBO?

    I heard this in various threads and chat rooms, but I never understood how this is done. Specifically, someone told me to us glBufferData to swap out the data every frame.
  3. So I heard one of the common methods of drawing in OpenGl 3.x+ is swapping the data of a VBO. How exactly is this done? On a side note, are there any small opensource OpenGL projects (like simple 2D game small) that use VBOs, Shaders, and all that jazz?
  4. Thank you a lot. It really is the dummy's guide I needed. This oughta' help me get over that initial hump.
  5. Wrong. There are plenty. Perhaps not "major" depending on what you mean with this word, but the differences are surely there. By my definition of "major differences", the code has indeed "major differences". In the past, I've posted some messages where I described working on D3D9 a total waste of effort for beginners. Although the demise of WinXP is proven slower than anticipated, if you are an absolute beginner you really don't want anything less than D3D10. You'll probably want to go 11 directly. [/quote] I'm talking like bare bone basics, like how the primer works and such. But of course there are sure plenty of differences between DX11 and DX9.
  6. C++ and at the very least DirectX 9. But I don't believe there are any major differences in basic DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 code.
  7. So I've been trying to jump into DirectX for a while now, and every time I try, I hit a wall. I'm not exactly trying to make video games or anything with DirectX, but I want to learn how to use the library. Are there any books or tutorials anyone would recommend for me? I've tried Drunken Hyena's tutorials and about 10 different Ebooks with no result. Maybe this is just a problem for me, but whenever I try to learn something new (natural language, programming language, program, etcetera) I have a problem getting over the initial hump. However, once I get over that hump and start understanding how it (what ever I'm trying to learn) works, it becomes much easier. I've digressed though. tl;dr What tutorials/books would work well for me?
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