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    Desent - Top down shooter. playable beta available.

    Looking forward to the new version.
  2. And how is this different from Call of Duty?
  3. My main point is that this project is too damn big for someone without an inspired and experienced team. Every game dev dreams of this game, so snap out of it and move on. This game will not get anywhere.
  4. Bite

    Desent - Top down shooter. playable beta available.

    Had a couple of goes, but I found that by the second level I was so easily overwhelmed that it was nearing on impossible. The controls were a little odd and took a play through or two to get used to. There also seems to be a small area of transparency around the character's elbows.
  5. If those are the main things you learned, I suppose there's nothing I can say to help you.
  6. .22 is the only round I've shot and while I'm sure it's not as loud as something like 9mm, I wouldn't describe it as "silent", but that is really besides the point. I think anyone here and their dog could write about their idea for a perfect zombie survival game, so none of what you've written is a new concept to game devs and more importantly, with the release of similar games (mentioned above), the concept is no longer new to the public so without anything original who would want to buy it when they could have a professional survival game which has been backed by a multi-million company. You claim to have another game under your belt, which you admit was over ambitious and thus was shelved, so haven't you learnt anything? You can't simply start at making complex games and that's the same with any profession, most writers write short stories to gain attention before they can write their epic novel, film makers have to make adverts and independent films before they can get the attention of a big studio. Please take mine and just about everyone else's advice in this thread and shelf this game. Take a step back and invest your time into a project that is manageable. Here is a great guide that will tell you everything you seem to of missed: http://codedaemons.com/category/game-development/ If you don't find you have learnt anything from the guide, I suggest you find a new hobby.
  7. .22 is hardly silent. If you want to get people interested in this project, talk about the actual mechanics; you've written a pitch here rather than talking about game design, you have only hinted at how the AI(?) will act around you, you say we can scavenge but haven't said anything about if you can enter buildings or not and to what degree, etc.
  8. Alright, don't take any of what I say too harshly, but what you have here is a very generic, over used concept and, seeing as how you haven't mentioned having any experience, over ambitious. In addition to what I mentioned about you having no experience or skilled noted down and are looking for other people to do the work for you, you will probably be regarded by everyone else who views this thread as an "ideas man", aka, someone who will only contribute to the project with ideas. Now, it's a nice idea, but like I also said, it's over done. I'm sure you want to make a game like this so you can play it also, so I'll list a couple of games that are very similar. Fallout series (Most notably 3) Rogue Survivor The Last Stand - Union City Dead Rising And many more which I'm sure you're already aware of. What I think you should do is complete some less ambitious projects, gain experience in design and even some skills so you won't be "the ideas man", revise this project to be more original and then make a thread like this, because without anything under your belt, this project will fall flat on it's face.
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