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  1. Hello guys, I'm from XNA develop and I can't handle with OpenTK. I read the tutorials but is hard for me understand how to make 3 simple things: Create a rectangle o a surface where i can writePut a texture on it, png obv. with transparenciesWrite my textured surface to the screen I want only make a little 2D game, I think the ORTO mode is my mode but I can't setup it correctly. Thanks guys /Unholy
  2. Unholy

    mono game dev library

    I tried it but this is not what i was looking for. OpenGL aren't what i expected. Something more xna-like?
  3. Unholy

    mono game dev library

    Compiled with over 840 warnings. It should be ok, testing now..
  4. Unholy

    mono game dev library

    Official release 2010-Oct-06. That means i should download and compile from svn?
  5. I'm looking for a good library to make a 2D online game but, as i seen over internets, all projects for mono are dead. Mono.XNA is dead AgateLib dead OpenTK dead Something xna-like available?
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