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  1. Thanks for the responses. I've decided to keep it simple and implement the player character as a simple class.
  2. I am implementing the player character of my game as a class, and I only need one instance. I want the code to reflect this "single instance" requirement by allowing only one instance to be made. I'm currently looking into the Singleton pattern; it seems to satisfy my requirements of only one instance, as well as limiting access to the player character data, given the scope in which I would instantiate the class. With that said, there seems to be a substantial debate over the use of the Singleton pattern. So, my question: Is it appropriate to use the Singleton pattern to implement my player character class (of which I only need one instance)? If not, are there any alternatives which meet my requirement for a single instance and limited access to the player character data?
  3. Aluthreney

    Practical use of Vector Math in Games

    Thank you so much for this *tears of joy*
  4. Aluthreney

    Math for Game Developers Video Series

    Amazing. Fantastic. Exquisite. For the last few months I've been pondering on how to finally start getting serious with math to better myself in game programming. It seems the answer found me. Thank you very much for these videos :D P.S. Could you post a link to your channel?
  5. Aluthreney

    Update 3- 3D models and animations!

    I prefer the gas pump on the right. I'm not familiar with 3D/graphic arts terminology, but the "depth" of the texture on the left image seems too exaggerated.
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