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  1. Oky, i see what you mean, The game will be downloaded from our servers for free. And while in the game, players needs to buy a few upgrades and stuff, basically to make game play better. So players just needs to purchase ingame upgrades for their units.
  2. Hi guys, and dames I apologize if im posting this in the wrong forum. But my team is currently working on a game, its also a kind of "Pay to Play" But what good online payment systems can we implement in this game, like money bookers etc. Thanks in advance for all your replies
  3. code58

    Advise needed for new game

    [size="1"]Hi Tom. Firstly, its great to meet you, im a big fan. [size="1"]I apologize for this thread, and I’m sure that we are all done here. [size="1"]I will be more careful in my future posts. [size="1"]Thank you Tom, you are one of the one people who gave me a good insight on game creation.
  4. code58

    Advise needed for new game

    TheCompBoy, youre more than welcome to join the team. Please email me at dicomptech/at/iway/dot/na
  5. code58

    Advise needed for new game

    That could also work, actually its a good idea I also mailed you Tyler.
  6. code58

    Advise needed for new game

    TheCompBoy, What i mean't by $10 was jus an example, it can be made alot cheaper, i simply think that if you win a race, you will win allot more than your race ticket. Thats if you win ofcourse.
  7. Hi all. Please advise me on the following: I have a idea for a MMO game. Long story short, it will be a racing game, where you actually buy cars & upgrades with real money. And to race you must purchase a race. Users will only be able to race on "lap time", so there will be three cash prizes, First place, second, third, maybe even up to five prizes. So for example, each user purchase a race ticket of let's say 10.00 USD and there is about 1000 users who purchased a ticket. So with the total you take 30% for first prize, 20% for second and 10% for third. I'm sure you get where i'm going at. I know you won't be able to have a online racing game, but if you look at Dirt 3, you can upload your races to youtube, so in a way i thought you can do something like uploading your lap time to the server. If there is anyone that might be interested to working with me on this project, don't hesitate to contact me. Also, what do you all think about this game?
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