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  2. Feelings are like bees. Easy to catch... and constantly lingering around... but damn the sting hurts.
  3. May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.
  4. Gotta love spring time in the winter.
  5. I feel like i'm the topic of conversation at my house when people come over. People can't seem to shut the fark up about my personal life and keep my name out their mouths.
  6. Don't think baltimore's kicker is ever going to play another NFL game. Go Pats!
  7. Game day, 3 o'clock, whose coming to my house to watch it? Good food, great people and great times!!!
  8. As an artist, I find it disconcerting that so many people are against SOPA. This includes many other artists. QUESTIONS: Why the fark would you be against something thats whole purpose is to stop unwanted distribution of your own IP? Why the fark is it a huge fiasco for people whose IP is not theirs, to want every goddamn thing for free? YOU did not spend countless hours developing/writing/recording/whatevering this IP... what gives you the right to pirate someone else's work and contribute...
  9. Thanks mother nature for that weak ass snow storm and this upcoming heat wave.
  10. Sideways in Lou's TL. Good times!!!
  11. I ain't gonna sweat ya, baby I'mma let ya Catch up with ya game, run faster
  12. Really wish people would just be real and keep it 100...
  13. CRAAAZZZZYYY night last night
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