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  1. Bad girls take the bus!
  2. Day 1: Bed time: 2am | Wake up: 7am | No naps Day 2: 3am | 8am | No naps Day 3: 4am | 9am | No naps Day 4: 4am | 9am | NAPS WILL BE HAD I must hate to sleep.
  3. Just noticed my phone is off. Oh well. hit me up on FB
  4. If I stood outside and waved at the sky and you were on some other galaxy in space and assuming you had a telescope powerful enough to see me wave. By the time the light reached you so you can see me wave at you I would have been dead millions of times over. Yet you would still be able to see me wave and even carry out my entire rest of my life as if I were alive all due to perspective on the speed of light.
  5. So I ended up winning a book on Computer Programming that is up to date. So I did a little looking around at the contest. There were 8 people who won. 5 got e-books and 3 get an actual physical copy. I won the physical copy...Good thing cause anyone can download the ebook lol. And I do better with a book.
  6. I just tried to light my cig with a glass of water. I think it's bed time.
  7. Using their religion against them. Only a crazy person would use religion as a tool for murder. Earle Leonard Nelson, aka The Gorilla Killer (May 12, 1897 – January 13, 1928), was an American serial killer. Nelson's victims were mostly landladies, whom he would approach on the premise of renting a room. Nelson often studied his worn Bible, using it to keep his victim at ease and off-guard around him. Once he gained their trust, he would kill them, almost always by strangling them, and engag...
  8. Working on pixel art. Cannot draw, but I can recolor. The white tree is the original one. The Fall tree and summer trees I did.
  9. At least GB didn't lose Hahaha. Bear Down Haha
  10. BrianJensen

    Sprite Creator 3 VX & XP

    Please visit me on www.facebook.com/spritecreator3 for all questions and comments. Follow Sprite Creator 3 to receive content updates.   Requires Java 6+ found here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/jav...oads/index.html This program will NOT run if you do not have Java 6+ installed. Java 7 is recommended. Updated 12-02-2013 All links current. Current Update: Added a new Sprite Creator 3 XP version. Enable double clicking of runnable JAR file: If you have not set file associations for ".jar" file types then right click "SprCre.jar" select "open with", go to where Java JRE is installed (usually c:/Program files (x86)/Java/jre7/bin" for 64bit java or "c:/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin" for 32bit java.) Select javaw.exe (Must use javaw.exe NOT java.exe) and click ok. That should make the the jar runnable on double click. Or you can run SprCre3.bat. The path after "c:/Program Files/Java/" may appear different but just select the jre folder. Did you find this program useful? Help me promote this applet by going to my facebook page and liking and commenting there on the wall. Would love to hear what people have to say. Sprite Creator 3: Facebook Page NOTE: For entertainment and my personal use. Feel free to repost this where ever you like. If you would like the Source Code you can email me at Jensen_305@yahoo.com. Generation is saved in png format with transparency enabled. The files are Saved in the "Saved" folder ;)   Special Thanks: Axerax at RPGRevolution for the Sprite Creator 3 splash. Holder at RPGRevolution.com for your beard images. Famitsu Zac Ray Ying Holder   Sprite Creator 3 Download (bitly > Mediafire) Sprite Creator 3 Download (bitly > Rapidgator)   If you would like me to add resources that you made to this Sprite Creator PM a zip, I prefer mediafire please, and I'll see what I can do. If you would like to create resources for the project so I can add them I can provide how the image layouts are.
  11. Facebook crashed for like 15 seconds lol
  12. Everything is on its way to somewhere.
  13. BrianJensen

    Sprite Creator (Finished)

    Many updates have been done. Check out the Change.log Screenshots are outdated. Will no longer be updating forum posts. Please visit me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/spritecreator3 for all questions and comments. Follow Sprite Creator 3 to receive content updates.
  14. Programming for me is relaxing.
  15. I'm craving burgers. Fur burgers.
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