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  1. I thought I'd stated a definitive answer as regards to the work-from-home question. As for types of jobs, and what education to get, please read the FAQs. [/quote] Okay, thank you, good to know, looks like I'll have to look into a different area. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Yes. I never said it was a new job. Thanks for the link -- it was interesting to read what that company looks for. They don't say what the salary is, of course, and it looks like that's a position in which they want the employee sitting at the office, not at home. That company lists the job as a customer support role. And I was wrong that the job is not mentioned by the 2011 salary survey. It is mentioned (http://www.gamecaree...2011.php?page=4) but that job's salary is not explicitly given. [/quote] Aww that sucks.. Looks like I have no choice but indie games. Say, do you think it will be possible to find a at-home work position, even if it's something like being a GM (Game Master) in a smaller company game? I mean, I hear you talk of wages lots, and I hear lots of other people talk of wages; but in my situation (the boat scenario), I simply could live quite happily at minimum wage (10.25 in my country) given that i can have the flexibility I want. Though, fortunately, I do not think most of the job posiitons are minimum wage; I think they are above, which works in my favour. I really like the game industry, even though I may be unknowledgeable about the industry, I would really love to get a place in it in my situation; even if the job is just at minimum wage or near that, even if the job requires over 40 hrs a week, and I'll do just about anything in the industry. Is there really no place for me whatsoever? Recieving a defintive answer could be nice so that I have a clear idea of what my options are, but if there is a place for me somewhere someplace, I'd love to know so that I can cater my education towards that position (should I decide plan B)
  3. I would like to hear more about that job, how much they're paid, how they found the job, how long they had to do the job without pay, stuff like that. I haven't seen that job listed in the industry salary survey yet... [/quote] It isn't exactly a new job... You apply like you would any other job ; http://www.aeriagames.com/jobs They basically look over the community of the MMO and help out with any issues... Kind of like a Customer Service and Community Steward...
  4. NONE of them are work-at-home jobs. FAQs 24 and 27 say that, and a couple others do also. [/quote] Even just being a Game Master/Moderator for a MMO? I thought most of the folk who did those jobs were work at homes.
  5. Did Sebastian say he wanted to be a programmer? Sebastian, please read this forum's FAQ. Back out to the forum main page, and look for the FAQ link at upper right. [/quote] I did read some of them, but I didn't exactly see a "these jobs are most likely to be work-at-home jobs", so I don't know exactly what I'm looking into. That's why I'm asking which jobs would possibly be availible to be work at home. Thanks!
  6. Realistically? It'd be an absolute miracle if you ever found a job in the gaming industry that let you work from home every day. The only way I know of that you can maybe do that is if you work for yourself making indie games (but if you do that, you should plan on being poor). I don't really want to get into indie... A bachelor's degree (4 years) in computer science is enough to get into the gaming industry as a programmer. Eventually getting a masters (2 more years) wouldn't be a bad idea though. I don't really have a lot of money. 4 Years would be my limit. Also, I don't need to get into programming, I'd take any job, even if it's just being a Game Master for some MMO, I'm totally fine with that. I don't need wages to be a lot, I just need them to be above minimum (doesn't even need to be a lot above minimum.) [/quote]
  7. Hi, let me give you a bit of a backstory on me necessary to complete the question. I am currently 15 yrs old and going into gr11 next year. I have two plans. Plan A and Plan B, though Plan B is NOT there for failure, it's kinda like a 50%/50% kind of thing. Anyway, here are my two life plans. Plan A: - Go to college for auto engineering and diesel - Become something in automotives (I LOVE automotives) - Get a house and etc. - Live the usual life everyone else on land lives and work in automotives Plan B: - Go to college for diesel mechanics (1 or 2 yr college cert.) - Spend the summer crewing for live-a-board cruising yachts to gain experience. - Go to college for some kind of diploma/cert./adv diploma/degree in a vid-game related college course - Purchase a sailing yacht - Cruise the world, working from the boat in the gaming industry Those are my two life plans; which I will go to will depend solely on the summer after my college diesel course. If I like crewing on a sailing yacht, then I'll take B, if not, then A. Though I still need to know, I have two questions. What kind of jobs in the gaming industry can I do working solely from home? (or well. Boat.) What kind of college education will I need to get into it? (How many years of study? What area of study?) Keep in mind, the job MUST be able to be done solely from home with Wi-Fi. Thanks for ANY help!
  8. elemein

    What area I should choose?

    @ Frob I used the word "give up" simply to say "temporarily stopped pursuing it". Its not that I didnt enjoy doing those things, I did enjoy it (except programming in C# wasnt even partially fun, I dont know why, I just could not understand it.) and I still write stories even today (not literally today, but I do have some stories I'm working on), and of course, sometimes I didnt like working on the stories as sometimes I had to add boring parts or filler or whatever, but I had to do it. It may not be the same as a 40 hours work day, but I'm just saying that I'm not "only looking into game careers because I think it'll all be fun and games... literally speaking, it is, but you know what I mean, right?". Also, for art, I still do have some sketches on art (in the style of The World Ends With You. Thats an art piece I'm working on now) and I LOVE to draw and create visual pieces, I'm just not fast at it. I could learn to be fast though. And yes, I do love to make things, I'm a creative person. The only reason I "gave up" (temporarily put on hold until I found out which was right for me.) was because I was lacking somewhere in one of the areas of the job. Obviously, I could learn on how to make up for the lack, but I wanted to move onto another department of the job to see if I could fit into a job where I had NO lacks, obviously, I was wrong to think there'd be a job I'd fit in without any effort to learn it further. But I really do love to learn, and would have no problem learning to do something I love. @ Tom For 1. I never meant that it wasnt your forums or anything offensive, its just that some administrators simply move threads where they need to be, and not answer any questions or anything, they just do things "by the book" (or bare minimum.) For 2. Oh. Well alright then. Pardon me. For 3. Alrighty, right after I post this, I'll take a look. For 4. True. I'll save the spreadsheet and try it again tomorrow, maybe I'll feel differently about it tomorrow than I do today. Maybe not, in which case, I found my strengths.
  9. elemein

    What area I should choose?

    I dont know if you're going to read this Tom, but I'd love it if you could give me an answer. So I read some of your articles (and a handful of others in the FAQ, I found out my personality is: ENFJ, if that matters.) and I stumbled upon the one where you answer highschool kids emails to you. I read through most of them and you said that basicly, we cant do much until we're 18. I understand that, and obviously, there are no exceptions in legalities- but; is there anything I CAN DO? I'm not looking for a job at EA (not now atleast, I'm more of an indie guy, I just find theres more "breathing space" for ideas and thing you can do in indie games. If you know what I mean.), but a job with a group of people who want to make a game, and are small-time, would be absolutely PERFECT for me! So would I be able to do that? I dont know if there is a large difference between working at EA, or an unlabelled group, but since I'm wanting to work for free (just credit really), then I guess that would negate a large wad of legalities against me working with a group, since I wouldnt be dealing with money, I'd just be giving, and I'd just want my name in the "Contact Us & Credits" list. Also, I made a decision chart, and found out that I am NOT a programmer (I dont particularily enjoy it as much as other areas of work.), nor an artist (I like it, and am good at it, I'm just painfully slow at it.), and not a sound designer either (I have music skills. Just not music skills relavent to the industry.), but I am a writer, as well as a manager (or producer.) I also threw in administrator/moderator for MMO games (which I particularily want to work with), and I found out I'm that too. So Tom, what can I do now? Edit: I cleared my decision chart and did it again 3 more times, as honest as possible (I just love to make sure I get things right), and I found out I could learn the music skills I need, and I also love working with music, so Im actually less of a manager/producer and more of a BGM Artist.
  10. I'm currently trying to figure out what area I should pursue. Programming, Visual Arts, Musical Arts, or Storyboarding. I've tried my hand at all of them, but I just dont know which is right for me. For programming, I took a course in Highschool (I am in Grade 10 right now, so I'd love to start early. I know there is a difference between making games and playing games, but I love to do creative things and I've always loved being part of something, as well as hard work, so I have no problem making games in general), and I was taught a bit of the basics of Visual Basics, and VB.NET, I was EASILY the best programmer in my class, and was even dubbed by the teacher that, and peers always asked me questions on it. Though VB is extremely easy to learn, and not really the fastest programming language to use in terms of graphics (thought it does make programs and games at a BLISTERINGLY FAST rate.) I tried learning C#. I got the Microsoft Compiler for it and everything, I literally could not understand a SINGLE THING after a week of reading online tutorials and visiting my Chapters to take a look at some books. So I gave up on it. For Visual Arts, I used to be a Pixel Artist for a private server of the game Endless Online (which shut down due to extreme lack of administrator support. Hackers and scammers literally roamed free xD) and I did alright. I was just a little slow is all. The problem is, that game is 2D and online has a resolution of about 32x32, so the work is extremely easy to produce, so even if I did reasonably decent work there, I couldnt do any really good work in the games of the modern world which are usually ATLEAST 64x64. I dont mind learning it, and I do have Photoshop and could dish out a few more bucks to get more software if its what I really should do, but for now, Im not sure. For 3d, all I did was download Blender, youtubed some tutorials, and got literally nowhere. I couldnt understand it at all, I'm sure if I tried harder I could, but at the time, I wasnt sure visual arts was for me, so I ditched it. For Musical Arts, I own an acoustic guitar (and play it quite well, I played in an indie concert with a few people I didnt know (we all had the same song, so it harmonized alright.) and got lessons), and a harmonica (I play it... alright... I guess.) and I also own Fruity Loops 8, which I tried to make some beats and such awhile ago, and I really was starting to understand the program, its just that, I dont think I made anything of really good competitive quality. So I wouldnt mind learning about it more and trying it out, I just dont know about it either. For StoryBoarding, I used to write a LOT of fanfics and indie stories, they all got great reviews on the websites they were published too, i even had an actual fanbase (a small one of only a handful of people... but I was proud of my fanbase :3) which would beg me to write the next chapter to the story asap. So I guess I legitimately have a talent in Storyboarding, and I love to write too, the only thing is, in my head, I'm thinking that we already have like 1000 storyboarders simply because "anyone can storyboard" (its not true, but with a little work and some talent, anyone can be a storyboarder) so thats stopping me too (even though I'm good, no one will hire me as I dont have a long-standing rep.) Also, I LOVE MMOs, I dont know if MMOs are on this site, but I used to be a forum administrator for a large community of an MMO, and a moderator of SEVERAL private servers, as well as a Game Master of a official server. People tell me I am a good moderator as I always listen to both sides of a story, dont take sides, love to make events, and am a sociable generous guy. I guess I'd be a really good admin of a MMO, the only problem is, there isnt any site or section that i know of where people can just post "Looking for admin for my MMO game" and I also think there would be a lot of people who would try becoming an admin, who genuinely suck at being a leader. So thats my experiences in all areas, no matter what you guys think I should choose, remember I will always try to work hard, and learn, so guys, what do you think I should do? What do we need more of? Also, no matter what, I will always love to work for extremely cheap or free. So that might entice people or point me towards a certain area. I dont know, just throwing that in.
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