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    Old SSI-Engine... how to place walls?

    thanks a lot for the answers, i think i have it working now
  2. damarrion

    Old SSI-Engine... how to place walls?

    Hi community, is the question to unspecific or trivial? If, please drop me a note so i can correct the posting so everybody is able to understand my problem.
  3. hi community, i am trying to code a remake of EOB I (Eye of the Beholder, SSI). EOB Gameplay: I *think* this is the complete tileset for walls: I already have the map-data-generator done and i am now coding the traversal algorithm but i am unsure how the original engine did the drawing of the walls. Lets assume this is our map, the party is starting on [2,0] and facing to the EAST. [0,0][0,1][0,2][0,3][0,4][0,5][0,6][0,7][0,8][0,9][0,10] [1,0][1,1][1,2][1,3][1,4][1,5][1,6][1,7][1,8][1,9][1,10] [2,0][2,1][2,2][2,3][2,4][2,5][2,6][2,7][2,8][2,9][2,10] [3,0][3,1][3,2][3,3][3,4][3,5][3,6][3,7][3,8][3,9][3,10] [4,0][4,1][4,2][4,3][4,4][4,5][4,6][4,7][4,8][4,9][4,10] How many "rooms" does the orginial EOB engine traverse for scanning what is visible and what not? My current guess: [x,x][0,1][0,2][0,3] [1,0][1,1][1,2][1,3] [2,0][2,1][2,2][2,3] [3,0][3,1][3,2][3,3] [x,x][4,1][4,2][4,3] [x,x] = ignore From that viewpoint, i am starting from back to front to draw the (visible) walls. Is this correct from the viewpoint? Or does it look different in the original engine? If, it would be great if you could draw a little viewmap like i did with the correct view for traversing. Thanks a lot in advantage.
  4. Thanks a lot for the input, i made a decision matrix and i think i will go for the "Eye of the Beholder" clone. If you have some good links how to approach an EOB-Clone Engine, please post them here. I am interested in how they did this "mocked 3d" view (i also remember a theoretical article, but i can not find it anymore). I am also interested in their original tilesets, just to have a look how they did it.
  5. Thanks for the input so far! Well yes, idea 1 seems to be very grafic based, but i am unsure if it is less code to develop. Can anyone verify? [color=#1C2837][size=2]Your time resource is limited, so they'll all take exactly the same amount of time[/quote] Ok, good point. But i assume you know what i meant... the thing is i am having problems to decide which one appeals most to me (i would do all three) and so i wanted to force the decision on which one i will have the best chance to succeed. Is there a way to help me or should i just role a dice and stick with it?
  6. Hi community, with limited ressources i am struggling between three major game ideas i have at the moment. I personally would like to do all three games, but as always in life there is just no time to finish eyerthing... so i'd like to ask for your opinion, which of the following game ideas will be the simpliest to develop to a state where others could play it. Please imagin very simple version of the following games as my project ideas: 1) Wizardry / Eye of the Beholder / Migh and Magic Clone (old "SSI" style dungeon crawler with round based combat). 2) Battle Isle Clone with different environment/ story 3) Masters of Orion Clone with Focus on long-term production/research (more like in "Hearts of Iron") with less colonization. From your game development experience, which one will be the less complex one to develop? I know, it most likely depends on the features, but as said imagin a minimal set of needed ones for the rating (so "clone" means not an exact copy, just an copy of the basic game concept). Thanks for reading.
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