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  1. ZivBenShitrit

    C# - Merging two sorted arrays - merge sort

    Thank you, a_loho - it worked! Thanks everyone who helped. I have a question - is there a way to implement merge sort without using the extra memory?
  2. ZivBenShitrit

    C# - Merging two sorted arrays - merge sort

  3. ZivBenShitrit

    C# - Merging two sorted arrays - merge sort

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure 'right' is inside the array. This is the recursive call function: static void MergeSort(int[] Arr, int left, int right) { if (left == right) return; MergeSort(Arr, left, left + (right - left) / 2); MergeSort(Arr, left + (right - left) / 2 + 1, right); Merge(Arr, left, (right - left) / 2, right); } And this is how I call the function from main: MergeSort(Arr, 0, Arr.Length - 1);
  4. ZivBenShitrit

    C# - Merging two sorted arrays - merge sort

    But I'm increasing RightPtr (Arr[RightPtr++]). Why would it not stop?
  5. Hey, I'm trying to implement a merge sort in C#. I'm having troubles writing the merging function. There's an error and I can't tell why it happens. Here's the code: (the algorithm is the usual one - comparing the first two elements in the arrays each time) static void Merge(int[] Arr, int left, int mid, int right) { int[] TempArr = new int[right - left + 1]; int LeftPtr = left, LeftEnd = mid, RightPtr = mid + 1, RightEnd = right; int Index = 0; while (LeftPtr <= LeftEnd && RightPtr <= RightEnd) { if (Arr[LeftPtr] <= Arr[RightPtr]) TempArr[Index++] = Arr[LeftPtr++]; else TempArr[Index++] = Arr[RightPtr++]; } if (RightPtr > RightEnd) { while (LeftPtr <= LeftEnd) TempArr[Index++] = Arr[LeftPtr++]; } if (LeftPtr > LeftEnd) { while (RightPtr <= RightEnd) { TempArr[Index++] = Arr[RightPtr++]; // This is the error line. It says index was out of range. } } for (int i = 0; i < TempArr.Length; ++i) { Arr[left++] = TempArr; } } Anyone has an idea where could my problem be? Thanks for any help.
  6. ZivBenShitrit

    Projects For Beginners To Do

    +1 on the sorting algorithm task. General Programming: Implementing Prime Sieve algorithm, solving quadric equation / a system of two equations and two variables, solving a simple math term (simple ones with +, -, *, / operators only). Game Programming: Making a simple block breaker game. It was the first game I made.
  7. ZivBenShitrit

    Convex Hull Problems

    Edit: Wow. I feel like an idiot. Instead of decreasing i by one, i should have decreased it by 2. >_< Thanks anyways...
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