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  1. Oi. Why does Live105 (the indie rock station) keep playing Avici - Levels? Like seriously, they follow it up with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wtf?!
  2. So.. Brandon Morrow is on my fantasy team. After two shutouts in a row, he gives up 6 runs in 2/3 of an inning for an ERA of 81.00 HOLY fark
  3. I think I need an entirely new desktop for Diablo 3 o.O
  4. Not watching today's game. 49ers should've been there but butterfingers blew the whole season. Oh well, there's always next year
  5. AAAAARGH what a farkin shitty way to lose. Giants only points after the first half came from stupid turnovers
  6. 49ers get to play at home a second time. Nick Bhardwaj YOU HAVE TO GO TO THIS ONE :P
  7. Hey Tom,
    I really enjoyed your Sloperama Lesson 54 post on networking at game developer events. I'm gonna be checking out the rest of your site as well :)
    One question for you is that, when marketing to game developers online, where is a place that they *want* to be reached at?
    1. Tom Sloper

      Tom Sloper

      Hi, Tyler. 
      Glad you found FAQ 54 helpful. As for your question, you've made 2 faulty assumptions: 
      1. That I know anything about marketing; 
      2. That game developers want to be marketed to. 
      I did take a marketing course, and I learned a lot, but I can't really tell you how to market to anybody, much less the tiny affinity group known as "game developers." I can tell you where I (just me and myself) would and would not be available to be marketed to. 
      - In a discussion thread on gamedev.net (if I'm reading a discussion, I don't want a response to turn into an advertisement). Ads on gamedev that pay for site upkeep, well, those are a necessary evil. But what I'm reading should not suddenly turn into an ad. Back in the fifties, TV personalities sometimes broke character and extolled the smooth taste and fine tobacco of some cigarette brand. They don't do that anymore. 
      - Ads on game developer websites (GameDev.net, Gamasutra, GamesIndustry.biz, Kotaku). 
      - Ads in ad-supported games (but then you're advertising to players, more than devs). 
      - Ads in trains (but then you're advertising to commuters, more than devs). 
      Tom Sloper 

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