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  1. Well I already tried that the problem is the canvas is the size of the document so the cursor practically leaves the browser. 
  2. For detail plz goto stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31916644/html5-canvas-drawing-fast-motion-with-mouse-cancels-line-before-it-hits-the-edg#comment51746710_31916644   I'm struggeling with this for about a week now. I'm pretty desperate  I really hope somebody here knows how to fix this.
  3. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I see at least its possible. It's gonna take while until the game is in a state that it can be played anyways, until then hopefully browsers will support it better. Ill make the graphic contend with dynamic light in mind then. Thx
  4. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I'm thinking of using dynamic lights instead of drawing light effects into the sprite sheets. Is that possible without webGL and would that be overkill for smartphones?
  5. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I've decided to go with the impact engine since the community seems to be the biggest.
  6. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I've decided to go 2D better some nice 2D graphics than low poly 3D. Does cocos2D work well with an editor like tiled? (http://www.mapeditor.org) I'm currently making a list pros and cons of all the engines I've found, Ill decide that way which one Ill use: Cocos2D Pros: Free, Large community with lots of tutorials, has been around for a while Impact: Pros: Editor, bunch of tutorials Cons: 100$ Construct 2: Pros: Almost no coding needed, lots of tutorials, price is 0 to way too much Cons: My coding will probably stay lousy Isogenic engine: Pros: Intergrated multiplayer, built in mmo featue, Cons: very expensive, community is small melon.js: Pros: free, uses tiled as map editor I'm really having a hard time to choosing one... Btw. The performance issue was mozillas fault not cocos.
  7. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    Good to know thanks. I'm thinking about making the game 3D right off the bat, but my geometry is pretty rusty and wasn't the best anyway. I imagine it like just adding a z axis to everything, does it matter a lot coding wise, if I use cocos3D or glge? 3D models and animation or drawing 2D animation isn't the problem I know how to use blender, photoshop and co., my coding is the problematic part. Im also thinking of using a 3D engine but making the game 2D so in case I want to make it 3D I'll have it easier. Im still not sure if I should use cocos2D - 3D there are not much demos for it and the ones I used had performance issues.
  8. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    Well one config file is a bit different than >50 text files.
  9. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I want to use text files for easy balancing and customization. As example a creature would have a text file where all the parts are written in the imgs used hitpoints etc.would that make the game load very slow if I implemented file I/O like that for every object in the game? That way it would be very flexible and that is what I want or is there better way?
  10. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    Thanks Ill take a look at it. I would love to code for real but I've already thrown the towel with c++ and java. My frustration tolerance is a bit low, I really hope I'll work out with js now. All 4 links redirekt to http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2012/07/13/JavaScript-Toddler-Game-Part-1-Hosting-a-cocos2D-app-in-Nodejs.aspx you should fix that ^^
  11. mystd

    Creating a boardgame with html5

    I currently dont need any animations, Ill add that later on if needed, lots of work animating. If it gets popular, case I can port it from paper to js, Ill make it 3D anyway. It dosnt even need the canvas but it would be bad if I made it without and wanted to add animations later. Ill start with autoresizing the canvas to the browser and fullscreen. Then make a grid to place jpgs in and add scrolling and zooming. After that Ill start building the gameloop. The Board (map) is variable in hight an size, cards are always added at another card, creating a labyrinth, thats why I need scrolling and zooming. The game is played with a master controlling the placement of the map cards monsters etc. and the other players try to survive in it. I already had lots of fun playing it with my friends but I failed finding a publisher for it, so Ive decided to make it a free online game. My programming skills are hacking stuff together I find to understand how it works. I've found some tut with jquery but I'd rather use a good and easy game dev library. I've found this: http://webinsightlab...5-game-engines/ but I have no Idea which fits my needs best. Currently Im searching everything I need as tutorial and I'll hack all the stuff from the tuts together, but Im still missing multiplayer tut and a boardgame sc I can learn from. Also since I like open source and my game will be anyway I prefer open source engins/libraries. But if they are to hard to use I'll have to switch to a commercial one.
  12. I've made a boardgame couple of years ago and since html5 is pretty much the web game plattform of the future, I've decided to make it into a browsergame. Im fammilar with html and know how to use loops and arrays etc. but Im very n00b at game dev. I've tried to make some simple games with java last year, read some basics and hacked some code together, but I encountered too many problems and gave up. Hopefully Ill be able to do it with html5 and js this time. There is some much stuff on html5 coding that I dont know where to start, best would be a tutorial that goes step by step trough the process. But I've only found tutorials for action games, none for turnbased multiplayer games. Would be great if someone could direct me to one. Then there are many tools and engines and I dont know which I should choose or if I sould code it without. What I need is multiplayer, graphics will be 2D, drag & drop, scrolling and zooming. Im gratefull for any tips you have.
  13. mystd

    How to find some same-minded people

    @Mafioso & SteveDefacto if you guys need a 3rd one I'm in the same boat. I can't get ppl interested in my projects and alone I just don't want to do anything. I've absolutely no interest in making a game alone, for me making games is teamwork. Sure it's possible to make games alone but that's like playing alone or eating alone. It's no fun and you accomplish only little. Tried to get ppl interested in my custom world project because that would have fixed some of the having to find a team problem, but I either sux at presenting my projects or everyone really only wants to do thair own stuff. That said I want to specialize in art, I'm pretty much a beginner but I need a goal to not play videogames all day. If anyone needs somebody to do the modeling etc. I'm willing to offer my time&dedication, even if it's only to model some basic stuff for an mmo. I do really hate mmos though but there are some I look forward to like firefall. Also I see it like this: Even if the team splits apart and the game is not finished the time spent on coding & modeling is not wasted.
  14. mystd

    Custom World Project

    I'm not a good coder nor a good artist, but I'm full blood gamer. I've started with cga games and I'am still into playing games. I've always dreamed of being a game dev, but I just don't have the endurance needed to be a good coder/artist. It's a steep mountain that I always fail to climb... Because I really like gaming and played hundreds maybe over 1k games (never counted) my standards/claims got higher and I'm really fed up with games nowdays. It's like there is one game a year I can really enjoy playing, most games have lost too much quality. Only games I currently can enjoy are indie games, the rest is just a repetition of old games and lack in every way. I've testet over the years almost all game making tools out there and they all suck badly. The non coder can make some small shitty games and a good coder does not need it. Luckily I always write down any ideas I have. Until now I kept them for myself because I always hoped I could do the core coding etc., but after I learned java recently and failed to make some simple games again, I thought: Screw it! Go public with at least your Game Making idea, see what the pros think about it and maybe some are interested and will join you. So here it is: Custom World Project I'm gratefull for any support even if it's just criticism & ideas. I'm not really good at anything but thinking up games, but if the projects gets some followers I'm willing to invest a lot of time and the money I can spare in it. Sadly I'm not rich otherwise this idea would be a reality already ^-^ p.s. @ sry about the post in the help wanted, I wanted to post here, had both tabs open and didn't notice. You can delete the one in help wanted.
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